Mirkovig Hirken was a Human male Imperial governor and the Corporate Sector Authority's Viceprex of Corporate Security.



Mirkovig Hirken enraged

Hirken was born to one of the oldest families to live on the planet of Alsakan, in the Core Worlds. He was the youngest of nine children, and led a pampered and spoiled life. His parents urged all of their children to uphold their family honor by choosing a calling and doing the best at it. To this end, private tutors, fine schools, and unlimited expenses were at his disposal. His parents felt that Mirkovig was meant to do something truly wonderful. After reading about his ancestor, Arlo Hirken, and the adventures he had with Rin Assid, Mirkovig decided to pursue a career in economics and politics. He graduated with honors, and was hired by the Corporate Sector Authority. He was placed on the fast track to powerful positions, and was soon betrothed to the daughter of the Duke of Opatajji.

Mirkovig and Neera Opatajji-Hirken were soon married, and her insensitivity placed undue demands on him to become more and more powerful and bring her more and more credits to spend. He was placed in charge of Corporate Security just before work began on the Stars' End penal colony on Mytus VII. Hirken oversaw construction of the facility with the Detention Taskforce and Lady Chawkroft. Hirken created "the list" of candidates for incarceration at Stars' End, many of whom were vocal opponents of the Corporate Sector Authority. He was killed just after Han Solo triggered the explosion which launched the colony's central tower into orbit. He was trying to escape without first helping his wife and the Security officers in the tower, and one of his guards shot him in the back with a blaster.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hirken was a tall, fatherly man with a full head of white hair, well-manicured and lacquered fingernails, and flashy clothes.



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