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"Didn't we build up D'Qar during this era? Or was that later?"
"It was later, post-Yavin. Mirrin Prime too. I should know, my Shrikes scouted them both."
―General Leia Organa and Major Caluan Ematt in The Rebel Files[src]

Mirrin Prime was a planet in the Mirrin sector.[1] Following the Battle of Yavin, Mirrin Prime, along with D'Qar, was scouted by Caluan Ematt and the Rebel Alliance's Shrikes and was eventually built up.[2]

By the time of the cold war it was controlled by the New Republic. It hosted a New Republic military base which included Rapier Squadron, a four-member T-85 X-wing squadron that was part of the New Republic Defense Fleet. The base's commanding officer was Major Lonno Deso. Space traffic was monitored by Mirrin Control and Mirrin Flight.[1]

After Rapier Squadron's commander Poe Dameron participated in an unauthorized mission to rescue the Yissira Zyde, the squadron left Mirrin Prime to join the Resistance, a private military group led by General Leia Organa which opposed the First Order. Rapier Squadron was transferred to the Resistance's refitted Mon Calamari cruiser Echo of Hope.[1]



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