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"Let me see them. My parents, please."

The Mirror cave was a cave with a strong connection to the dark side of the Force, located on the Temple Island of Ahch-To.


A cave with a strong connection to the dark side of the Force[3] known as the Mirror cave[4] was located on the Temple Island of Ahch-To.[1] The obsidian cavern wall of the cave, scoured smooth by centuries of erosion, acted like a curved mirror.[5] An underground lake was located there, possibly connected to the ocean by the tides or to other aquifers.[2]


Hundreds of years before the First Order-Resistance War, the ancient Jedi have used the cave to train their Padawans, with many apprentices being drawn to the cave through the Force.[2]

Rey, who had come to the island to seek Luke Skywalker's help in the fight against the First Order, found the cave after it began calling to her through the Force. She entered the cave through a gaping hole in the ceiling, covered in black vines, but fell through to an underground lake. Upon reaching the wall of the cave, Rey began to see herself mirrored many times over. She placed her hand up to the mirrored surface, hoping to find an answer to her past. Two dark figures appeared and morphed into one. The surface unfogged and displayed the face of Rey. Distraught that she was unable to find any information about her parents here, Rey left the cave defeated.[1]


Rey sees herself mirrored many times over.

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