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The Mirrorbright was the personal starship of Leia Organa during her years as a New Republic Senator. Usually piloted by Organa's assistant, Greer Sonnel, the Mirrorbright was a glossy white ship with an unconventional W-shape that allowed for the concealment of some custom-modified weapons stations tucked into the ship's corners. The weapons had been installed by Organa's husband Han Solo and Sonnel.[1]

Organa used the ship during the mission to Bastatha along with fellow Senator Ransolm Casterfo. Weeks later, they then used it to travel to Ryloth on an investigative mission. Her military escort and pilot Joph Seastriker and intern Korr Sella borrowed the ship to follow Casterfo's orders that they hack into satellites over Ryloth to track down a Spice cartel.[1]

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The Mirrorbright appears in the 2016 canon novel Bloodline, written by Claudia Gray.


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