"Keep on that one, I'll take these two."
―Luke Skywalker, with regards to Misik and another scout[src]

Misik was a Human male who served the Galactic Empire as a stormtrooper, and who received training as a scout trooper. Hailing from the desert world of Tatooine, Misik had managed to earn a solid reputation with a blaster, and was known for his work in helping develop speeder bike tactics for the Empire. As of the year 4 ABY, he had been promoted to the rank of corporal, and was part of the Imperial detachment assigned to protect the second Death Star's shield bunker situated on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor. Eventually, Misik found himself in pursuit of various Rebel infiltrators on Endor, and was killed when his speeder bike was damaged by Luke Skywalker, causing it to crash into an overturned tree.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Imperial career[edit | edit source]

Born as the son of a Tatooine diplomat, Misik eventually made the decision to enlist in the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps. Throughout his time as an Imperial soldier, Misik became known for his deadly accuracy with a blaster, and was ultimately selected for specialized scout trooper training. Following the completion of his training, he worked closely with Sergeant Barich, a fellow scout trooper, in the development of speeder bike tactics, silently hoping that he would one day be considered for a promotion to the Emperor's Demonstration Team.[1]

Endor[edit | edit source]

"Luke on foot, trooper on bike…not good, not good."
―Luke Skywalker, talking to himself during his confrontation with Misik[src]

Sometime prior to the year 4 ABY, Misik and Barich were selected to be a part of the Imperial detachment posted to the Sanctuary Moon of Endor. Their mission was to defend the bunker that housed the shield generator protecting the second Death Star during its construction. Eventually, the Rebel Alliance learned that a second Death Star was being constructed and dispatched a strike team, led by General Han Solo, to the forest moon with the mission of destroying the shield bunker. It was the Alliance's hope that once the shield generator was sabotaged, a massed Rebel Fleet could then approach and destroy the partially completed Death Star.[2]

During the Rebel infiltration, Misik and his fellow scout troopers stumbled across the Alliance soldiers in the woods surrounding the shield bunker. What ensued was a speeder bike chase between Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Misik, Barich, and a number of other scout troopers. During the pursuit, Misik and another scout found themselves engaged with Skywalker; Misik's partner Drelosyn was eventually killed, and Misik and Skywalker locked their bikes together in an effort to make the other bail out or crash. Realizing that they were on a collision course with a rapidly approaching tree, Misik broke off while Skywalker jumped from his doomed speeder bike. Hoping to take advantage of the situation, Misik turned his bike around in an attempt to gun down Skywalker with his speeder's blasters. However, Skywalker managed to deflect Misik's bolts with his lightsaber, and sliced the steering vane off Misik's bike as the scout trooper flew by. Powerless to save himself, Misik's speeder bike spun uncontrollably, eventually crashing into a nearby tree, killing him.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

During his career as an Imperial soldier, Misik developed a reputation within the military as an accurate and lethal shot with a blaster. Misik was also tactically minded and worked closely with fellow scout trooper Sergeant Barich in the development of specialized speeder bike tactics, hoping that one day his efforts would afford him a position on the Emperor's Demonstration Team.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Misik's first appearance was in the 1983 novelization of Return of the Jedi, by James Kahn, just prior to the film's release, in which he is briefly seen during the famous speeder bike chase scene. He was first identified as "Misik" on the Star Wars Customizable Card Game card entitled "Corporal Misik." This card also provided various details to the background of Misik's character, such as his Tatooine heritage, and his dreams of one day being posted to the Emperor's Demonstration Team.

In the unabridged script for The National Public Radio Dramatization of Return of the Jedi, released in 1996, there is a conflicting series of events with regards to those previously established in the film. In the movie for Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker's and Misik's speeder bikes entangle causing Skywalker to jump from his bike before it crashes into an overturned tree stump. However, in the radio dramatization script, Skywalker manages to destroy Misik's partner's speeder, which causes Misik to disappear momentarily. However, he returns on the side of Skywalker, shooting at his speeder, and it is these actions of Misik which force Skywalker to abandon his speeder.

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