"So what brings you 'round these parts, stranger?"
―Miss Mylla[src]

Miss Mylla was a female Falleen of unclear age and undisputed grace living in Bartyn's Landing, a town of Lamaredd, during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. She owned and managed the busiest, most popular business of the Center Sphere District, Miss Mylla's Saloon, which served both as an inn and as an entertainment house, staffed with scantly-clad beauties. She was quite reputable because of the great attention with which she dealt with both employees and customers.

Although Miss Mylla had repeatedly expressed her personal interest in the local Security Chief, the Mon Calamari Mix Liddell, and even if he reciprocated her feelings, they did not have an orthodox romantic relationship.


"I'll send word I'm seconding you and that you need rooms. [smirk] Of course, I'm only paying for your stay. Until morning, then."
―Mix Liddell[src]

At some point before 69 BBY, the beautiful Falleen woman of undetermined age, Miss Mylla, arrived to the planet Lamaredd in a passenger ship. She was in the company of a dozen of pretty Falleen escorts of great skill, and had a good amount of money at her disposal. She then settled in the coastal capital city, Bartyn's Landing. For as long as anyone could remember, she was also escorted by a burly bouncer, "Bantha" Burloo, a reserved Chagrian.[1]

Miss Mylla's background was never disclosed and she liked it this way, but this did not stopped the locals from spreading rumors. She was believed to have been the concubine of a member of the Falleen Royal family, having fallen in disfavor in more recent times; or a famous actress of holofilms hiding from the jealous wife of another man.[1]

At some point, she bought the local tavern, by then a ruined structure, and in little time she transformed it into her own business, Miss Mylla's Saloon, which served as a 24-hour gambling place, drinking bar, disco pub and economic hotel. Miss Mylla's female companions served drinks as scantly-dressed waitresses and performed other kind of services, known euphemistically as "the work", in the private rooms of the top floor. Security was provided in the wider area by Burloo's constant presence at the door, except when he was throwing out an undesirable client; and Miss Mylla ensured that every girl had a hidden knife for an emergency.[1]

Miss Mylla's business flourished from the very first moment, to the point that she had to hire more waitresses. Hers was the busiest and more popular business in the Center Sphere District. Her main competitor was The Even Cut Sabacc Parlor and Casino, a gambling business just in front of her main door, managed by the shrewd Nyubuna Bulul whose skill for business was comparable to Miss Mylla's.[1]

Several local celebrities including Administrator Guther Bartyn were regular patrons of the Saloon. The Security Chief, a Mon Calamari named Mix Liddell, enjoyed Miss Mylla's company more than any other of the offered services and, as she was also fond of him, both of them commonly spent evenings talking with each other.[1]

Whenever any of the waitresses wanted to leave, Miss Mylla took care of her future, ensuring that she could have an education or a good job in a different area. Once, she arranged the girl's marriage with a Falleen Prince. Later, c. 29 BBY, a Human girl working for Miss Mylla decided to leave the business and Miss Mylla, agreeing with her decision, decided to take her to a legitimate business partner of hers living in Cape Regret, a remote port in Lamaredd. Miss Mylla hired an independent team to transport the girl as a "special package."[1]

Soon afterward, the local sentient species Menahuun, believed to have disappeared centuries before, began performing stealth attacks against Bartyn's Landing and the outskirts. At this point, two of Miss Mylla's girls and their customer disappeared in The Maw range, near the Landing. She had to admit that similar things had happened before, but nonetheless she was worried about her protegees.[2]

Miss Mylla was also having problems with the customs of the spaceport. Security officers working for Outer Rim Oreworks had organized a smuggling ring and intercepted the shipments of Corellian brandy that Miss Mylla had bought, for her personal use. Although Miss Mylla suspected the truth, she did not want to call Chief Liddell because that case could make him challenge his bosses of ORO and she worried about that. She decided to hire independent help, offering either one thousand credits or room and board, their choice, for the return of her assets.[2]

Meanwhile, Liddell hired some outsiders as his new Seconds and offered to pay for their accommodation —but not additional services— at Miss Mylla's Saloon, knowing that his friend Miss Mylla would not refuse.[2]

Personality and traits

"I don't know if you've been to see Miss Mylla yet. She's hard to miss-about six feet tall, green, legs up to here-but she runs a fine establishment."
―Mix Liddell[src]

Miss Mylla was an elegant person, familiar with the details of Royalty and nobility, and with a great skill in her specialized field of choice. She was also very good in the difficult area of obtaining data, commonly from customers in different states of relaxation, and she apparently knew everything there was to know about Lamaredd. A polyglot, she spoke fluent Basic, Mon Calamarian, Chagri and Falleen, although she could only write the last one. Like most Falleens, Miss Mylla could use her natural pheromones to influence other organics.[1]

Miss Mylla owned expensive clothing and one personal repulsor-yacht, not to speak about her business. She commonly carried a knife with her, but her weapon of choice was a hold-out blaster she hid somewhere of her anatomy. Although blasters were uncommon in Lamaredd due to the scarcity of energy magazines, Miss Mylla was among the few users of one.[1]

Miss Mylla had a great deal of consideration for her employees, who she called "her girls." She ensured that customers treated them with due respect, using Burloo as a tool for that, but she also worried about their well-being. She encouraged the waitresses to study and learn a different job. Those girls leaving the Saloon still considered Miss Mylla to be their guardian.[1]

Miss Mylla was particularly fond of Chief Mix Liddell, who she called "that good-hearted moncal." She had repeatedly claimed that Liddell was the only person who could make her forfeit her life of vice, and she was determined to achieve that — but Liddell, though flattered and reciprocating her feelings, considered that chasing a girl like her would be too unprofessional. Even while not having an orthodox romantic relationship —although Miss Mylla was sure they would have one in little time—, they enjoyed each others company whenever they had free time. Miss Mylla also helped Liddell in several cases providing him with hard-to-find data.[1]

Behind the scenes

Miss Mylla's Saloon was created by writer Cory J. Herndon and featured in the article Bartyn's Landing and in the role-playing adventure Reckonings, both of them published in the magazine Star Wars Gamer #7 (2001).

Alternate ending

The article assumes that the player characters of Reckonings achieve the best possible ending but, should they fail, the adventure offers an alternative path that takes place during an open war between the Menahuun and the citizens of Bartyn's Landing. In that case, as the city becomes a war zone, Miss Mylla abandons Bartyn's Landing and her Saloon to attempt starting a new life in Little Mon Cal. Unfortunately, her boat accidentally crashes to the west of the Rank. Lidell —who was all too busy defending the Landing in constant battles— discovers her fate before the Menahuun do, and he tries to recruit the player characters to rescue Miss Mylla before the ship sinks.[2]



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