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"Miss Theelin Live"
"A purple people party production"
"Coming to a galaxy near you this winter"
―A poster for the "Miss Theelin" beauty pageant, transliterated from Aurebesh[2]

"Miss Theelin"[1] was a live[2] beauty pageant[1] held during the winter season that was available for entry by female Theelin. A number of promotional posters, colored purple, orange, and gray and each featuring a Theelin woman and Aurebesh text, were posted around the galaxy for the contest during the final years of the Galactic Republic; such locations included the bar Trueping's on the planet Coruscant,[2] aboard a Turtle Tanker starship,[3][4] and the spaceport of Pons Ora on Abafar.[5] During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios kept a "Miss Theelin" poster pinned next to his bunk aboard the freighter Ghost.[6][7]

Behind the scenes[]

"Among the posters seen in the bar's back room where Hardeen sleeps is one for DJ Rangthang, one for Sy Snootles, a Felucian pin-up, and a travel poster for Pantora. In the corridor leading to the room is a poster for a 'Miss Theelin' beauty pageant. Illustrations by Randy Bantog."
―Deception Trivia Gallery[1]

"Miss Theelin" was first shown on a poster[2] illustrated by Randy Bantog[1] that appeared in "Deception,"[2] the fifteenth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fourth season,[8] which originally aired on January 20, 2012.[9] The poster reoccurred throughout the series[2][3][4][5][10] and later reappeared in the animated series Star Wars Rebels.[6][7]



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