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A missile launcher or rocket launcher was a weapon that fired an explosive projectile.


A HH-15 projectile launcher.

A missile launcher fired a high-speed projectile with an explosive warhead. The standard missile exploded metal shrapnel in a 3-meter blast radius. Whether handheld and portable or mounted on a vehicle or vessel, missile launchers were common heavy assault weapons used by many military forces for artillery barrage. Missile launchers were necessary in various types of combat to destroy enemy vehicles and vessels, command stations, and eradicate large numbers of infantrymen. An example included the PLX-1 portable missile launcher.


A BX-series droid commando armed with a missile launcher.

In many different armies, certain soldiers were especially trained to use missile launchers. Those types of soldiers included Separatist assault droids, clone heavy troopers, clone ARC troopers,[4] BX-series droid commandos,[6] clone commandos,[4] SpecForce Heavy Weapon Specialists,[3] Rebel vanguards, IG-100 MagnaGuards and Imperial shock troopers.[7]

MiniMag shoulder-launched proton torpedo launchers were used by pilots mainly within cruiser hangars to quickly wipe out penetrating starfighters that deployed foes.

During the end of the Battle of Onderon, seeing that the Onderon rebels couldn't destroy the HMP droid gunships, Anakin Skywalker sent Hondo Ohnaka to deliver missile launchers to them.[8]

Missile launchers were also occasionally mounted to the fuselages of some spacecraft to provide them with heavy armament. For example, TIE Advanced x1 starfighters were equipped to carry and launch cluster missiles.[9]



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