Mission 3: Dark Whispers is the third starfighter combat scenario written for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game and published as a rules supplement in the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Imperial scouts have located a Rebel (sic) holonet satellite network, critical to maintaining secret communications across the entire galaxy. If Imperial ships can get close enough, they can download and decipher the encrypted Rebel transmissions. The Rebel defenders must hold off the Imperial fighters until security safeguards can be implemented to lock down the transmissions, disabling the holonet network but keeping the data safe.

Mission Setup[edit | edit source]

Rebel: Red Squadron Pilot with Proton Torpedoes, R2-F2

Imperial: Black Squadron Pilot with Determination, Obsidian Squadron Pilot

The Imperial player places his ships within Range 1 of his edge of the play area.

Then the Rebel player places one satellite token within Range 3, one satellite token within Range 2, and his ship(s) within Range 1 of his edge of the play area.

Each satellite token must be at Range 2 or farther away from both side edges of the play area. After placement, each satellite must be at Range 2-3 of at least one other satellite.

Mission Objectives[edit | edit source]

All Imperial ships must be destroyed or all the satellites returned to the supply for a Rebel victory. The Imperials are victorious only if all satellites have been scanned and at least one Imperial ship that scanned a satellite has subsequently fled the combat area from the Imperial edge of the play area.

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