Mission 7: Cutting the Cord is the seventh starfighter combat scenario written for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game and published as a rules supplement in the Imperial Aces Expansion Pack.

Plot Summary[]

Alliance intel has speculative data on a new flight system that tremendously enhances the abilities of a normal starfighter. Recon images of hidden Imperial facilities suggest the prototype still depends on short-range broadcasts from these structures. Rebel Command has dispatched a strike team to destroy these assets; if the prototype gains long-range functionality, Rebel fighters will never again enjoy space superiority.

Mission Setup[]

Rebel: 110 Squad Points; The Rebel player must assign two operatives (tracking tokens) to one of his Ship cards.

Imperial: 100 Squad Points; The Imperial player must field a non-unique ship as the PROTOTYPE, and he assigns the prototype ID token to it.

The Imperial player places six asteroid tokens into the play area. Each asteroid must be placed at Range 1-2 of at least one other asteroid without overlapping, and they cannot be placed at Range 1 of any edge. Then the Imperial player secretly looks at each function token and places each one facedown on a different asteroid.

Then the Rebel player may move up to three asteroids to anywhere at Range 1 of their original positions.Then he chooses which edge of the play area is his edge. The Imperial player's edge is the opposite edge.

Then the Imperial player places his ships anywhere in the play area that is not within Range 1-3 of the Rebel edge. Then the Rebel player places his ships within Range 1-2 of the Rebel edge of the play area. The Rebel Player has initiative.

Mission Objectives[]

Rebels win by destroying the prototype ship.

The Empire wins by destroying all Rebel ships.