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The Mission in the Dellalt system was a Rebel reconnaissance mission flown by Keyan Farlander in the Dellalt system. He revealed the outbreak of Operation Strike Fear.


During a raid to destroy, the Imperial corvette Bixby was secured for the Alliance. Captain Nogdra of the Bixby brought intelligence of an Imperial rendezvous point near Dellalt for a major offensive known as Operation Strike Fear.

The battleEdit

Farlander was selected to conduct a reconnaissance flight in a lone R-22 Spearhead. The pilot passed through the star system and confirmed the presence of a large Imperial force led by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Invincible. Thanks to the speed of this new starfighter, he managed to identify the ID profiles of all of the starships without being intercepted.


Aware of the presence of the Imperial fleet in the sector, Alliance High Command ordered the evacuation of the Rebel base of Brigia.



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