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The mission on Y'Trella was an operation undertaken by Churhee's Riflemen, a pro-Imperial mercenary group, on the planet Y'Trella. The mission resulted in a debacle and led to the death of almost all the Riflemen, including their founder and leader, Vlaydm Churhee.


During their early years, Churhee's Riflemen regularly accepted missions from the Galactic Empire in the Parmel and Sarin sectors.[5]

However, Vlaydm Churhee, the leader of the Riflemen, was not a particularly loyal mercenary. Vlaydm Churhee often breached contracts if offered enough credits, sometimes even switching allegiances in the middle of a battle. This behavior eventually led the Galactic Empire to consider Churhee's Riflemen as expendable.[1]

The missionEdit

In around 2 ABY, Churhee's Riflemen accepted a job for the Galactic Empire on the planet Y'Trella.[3]

During the operation, the group found itself pinned down by the enemy and abandoned by the Imperial forces that had promised to provide backup. Almost all the Riflemen perished, and their founder, Vlaydm Churhee, was among the dead.[5]


After the debacle on Y'Trella, the survivors regrouped on Turcan III under the leadership of Vlaydm's widow, Maydla Churhee.[5]

In the months that followed, Maydla Churhee rebuilt the unit, this time as a fiercely anti-Imperial organization. Thereafter, Churhee's Riflemen took anti-Imperial contracts only, and allied themselves with the Rebel Alliance.[1]


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