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"Somebody here is working for the First Order, and we're going to find out who."
―Poe Dameron, to Kazuda Xiono[src]

The mission on the Colossus platform, also known as the mission on Castilon, was a mission undertaken by the Resistance during the Cold War to the Colossus refueling station on the ocean planet Castilon to find out who on Castilon was helping the First Order build their military.[1]


In 33 ABY,[8] the Resistance obtained intelligence suggesting that someone on the planet Castilon was giving assistance to the First Order, helping with the build-up of their military.[1]

Around the same time, three New Republic pilots were sent on a mission to rendezvous with Commander Poe Dameron, in order to deliver the intelligence. After an ambush by the First Order's Major Elrik Vonreg, two of the pilots, Mia Gabon and Hugh Sion, were told to retreat by the third, Kazuda Xiono, who promised to hold Vonreg off so they could escape, reasoning that the mission could be completed by just one pilot. Dameron arrived just in time to save Xiono from being shot down by Vonreg, and the red-armored pilot was forced to flee in his TIE.[1]

Onboard a Resistance corvette, Xiono turned over the intelligence, and after Dameron had talked with General Leia Organa, the eager Xiono asked to join the Resistance. Dameron agreed, and decided to assign Xiono the spying mission, as Castilon's major population center, the Colossus refueling platform, housed a vibrant racing circuit. Before leaving on his mission, Kazuda briefly contacted his father, Senator Hamato Xiono, and told him he was with the Resistance, but Hamato was skeptical of the claim, and Kazuda quickly ended the call.[1]

The mission[]

Arrival on the Colossus[]

Kaz racing Torra Doza

Dameron brought Xiono to the Colossus, intending to ask his old friend, former Rebel and New Republic pilot Jarek Yeager, to hire Xiono as a mechanic at his repair shop to help with his cover. Due to the sheltered life he had lived on Hosnian Prime as the son of a senator, Xiono was unprepared for the roughness of life on the Colossus, and got off to an unpromising start shortly after arriving when Neeku Vozo, one of Yeager's workers, misinterpreted a comment he made about imagining himself as "Kazuda Xiono, the greatest pilot in the Galaxy" literally, and began spreading the news across the station.[1]

At Aunt Z's Tavern, Xiono got into a brawl after falling for a rigged dart used by the con-man Grevel, which did not enthuse Yeager about taking him on. In addition, after clarifying to Vozo that his claim of being the greatest pilot in the Galaxy had not actually been true, Xiono found himself lined up in a race for the next day after an attempt at apologizing to the literal-minded Nikto led to Vozo deciding to help him become the best pilot on the station — despite Xiono's lack of a ship. After Dameron left, leaving his droid BB-8 to keep an eye on him, Xiono was told by Vozo and Yeager that if he refused to race, he would be thrown off the platform and into the ocean.[1]

Xiono picked Torra Doza, the youngest of the Colossus' five Aces, as his opponent for the solo race. At Yeager's shop, he and his workers had to rush to fix up an old, ramshackle ship, the Fireball, so that it would be ready in time. Yeager's other worker, Tamara Ryvora, did not take well to Xiono's presence, feeling that the shop couldn't afford another worker and resentful as Yeager had promised her that she would get the Fireball if she fixed it up. In the race, Xiono performed well but crashed after overstressing the Fireball's engines.[1]

Stopping Kragan Gorr's attack[]

The Warbird gang attacks the Colossus

Xiono took some difficulty settling into both life on the station and his cover as a mechanic and pilot due to his lack of mechanical skill, which made Ryvora suspicious of him and frustrated Yeager. Kazuda also had to contend with trouble from the Aleena con-man Grevel, who believed that Xiono owed him money from a rigged game of holo-darts. Xiono found comfort in BB-8 and Neeku, the friendliest of the Fireball team.[12]

Shortly after Xiono's arrival, a Neimoidian customer named Hallion Nark visited Yeager's repairs under the pretext of repairing his ship. In truth, Nark was a member of Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang, pirates who terrorized Castilon. His mission was to investigate conditions on Castilon including whether there would be a heavy storm, or "triple dark", at the Colossus. Suspicious of Nark's intentions, Xiono "accidentally" knocked his comlink into a gutter.[12]

Xiono's suspicions about Hallion were proven right when Gorr and his pirate gang attacked the Colossus during a "triple dark" storm. Captain Imanuel Doza dispatched Ace Squadron, but the racers proved ineffective against the pirates. While struggling with Grevel, Xiono and the Aleena fell off the platform and landed on Gorr's modified shuttle. Gorr's pilot Synara San shook them off and the two landed on the platform. With BB-8's help, Xiono managed to return to Yeager's repair ship.[12]

There, Xiono realized that Nark had been using his comlink to communicate with the pirates. Xiono used the comlink to broadcast a feedback loop through the pirates' communication channel, disorientating them. Gorr was forced to order a tactical retreat and the pirates fled. Despite his role in saving the Colossus, Kaz was not believed by Yeager and the rest of Team Fireball. The Warbirds' First Order handlers Captain Phasma and Major Elrik Vonreg were displeased with their performance. Nark was punished for losing his comlink.[12]

A target of thieves[]

Jace Rucklin and his crew caused Kaz trouble

Xiono, due to the circumstances of his arrival on the station, had quickly acquired a reputation. The racer Jace Rucklin and his team, Lin Gaava and Gorrak Wiles, saw an opportunity in Xiono's arrival. The trio had long had designs on stealing a batch of hyperfuel that they knew Yeager owned and had used when he participated in races, as Rucklin wanted every opportunity to rise to the top of the rankings. However, they knew that Yeager and his staff, Vozo, Ryvora and the astromech droid R1-J5 "Bucket", wouldn't let them get close to their shop due to their unsavoury reputation.[17]

After learning he was working with Team Fireball, they looked for an opportunity to approach Xiono, and found one while he was at Aunt Z's Tavern. They befriended Xiono quickly, due to his frustrations about his mechanical work, and Rucklin quickly challenged Xiono to a "friendly" speeder bike race. However, Rucklin had had Wiles sabotage the bike Xiono rode, so that when it "accidentally" malfunctioned, he could ingratiate himself to Xiono by saving his life. When Xiono mentioned his new "friends" to Vozo at work later, Vozo attempted to warn Xiono about Rucklin's team's reputation, but Xiono, stressed by his work, brushed off the warnings and snuck off to see Rucklin and his team. There, Rucklin pressured Xiono into sneaking him into Yeager's private hangar to see his racer, claiming that Xiono owed him because he had saved his life.[17]

Later that day, Xiono, despite some misgivings, snuck Rucklin into Yeager's office, although they had to avoid Bucket, Yeager and Ryvora in the process. However, the hangar's door was locked, and Xiono told Rucklin that it meant they were out of luck. While Xiono's back was turned, Rucklin stole the container of hyperfuel. When Xiono later learned of the theft, he realized that Rucklin was the thief, as he was competing in a race later in the day. Xiono and BB-8 had to rush to save Rucklin from himself, as he had no idea how much hyperfuel was too much of it, and unwittingly turned his ship into a flying bomb. After Xiono, with some assistance from BB-8 and Yeager, saved Rucklin before his ship exploded, Rucklin was anything but grateful, and vowed to eventually get Xiono back for the incident. Yeager chose not to fire Xiono, pointing out that he was a good person despite his error.[17]

Into Doza Tower[]

Xiono spying on Major Vonreg's meeting with Captain Doza

Not that long afterwards, the Colossus suffered a fuel shortage that led Captain Imanuel Doza to shut down most of the station's power to conserve fuel while he awaited a new shipment. As a result, Xiono heard from Aunt Z her belief that Doza outright worked for the First Order, and was doing this deliberately. This led Xiono to try and get into Doza Tower to spy on him. After witnessing the arrival of a First Order freighter with a fuel shipment, containing Major Vonreg, who had come to speak to Captain Doza. Xiono managed to get an invitation into the Aces' Lounge inside the tower from Hype Fazon, one of the Aces and a former friend of Ryvora.[11]

In the lounge, Xiono snuck off to follow Vonreg and his stormtroopers while Fazon and Ryvora were arguing about the Fireball, following them to the door of Doza's office. After discovering the door was locked, Xiono slipped a comlink onto the tray of a serving droid, and eavesdropped from outside the office. He learned that the First Order was attempting to get Captain Doza to make a deal with them, via coercion. Doza told Vonreg he could report them to the New Republic, but Vonreg countered that the First Order could tell the Republic about Doza's illegal dealings with criminals. In return, Doza said that the First Order would have to do better than one fuel shipment to try and buy him, and the meeting ended with several veiled threats from Vonreg.[11]

Xiono's presence was discovered by Vonreg and his troopers when the two comlinks he had used to eavesdrop created a loud noise by being brought too close together while they were both on, forcing him to flee. He wound up fleeing right into Torra's bedroom, where she assumed he'd come because he was attracted to her, and turned him down before helping him escape out the window. Xiono was then forced to carefully make his way along several narrow ledges on the outside of the tower, as Ryvora, Vozo and everyone else in Aunt Z's Tavern watched, and he was discovered by the stormtroopers and shot at. With BB-8's help, he made it back inside safely. However, Vonreg learned there was a spy on the Colossus, and Captain Doza became aware that Xiono was up to something.[11]

The survivors of Tehar[]

Xiono meets Kel and Eila

While working on the Fireball, Xiono accidentally broke a valuable acceleration compensator that Ryvora had acquired for the ship, which made her furious with him. Xiono promised to get a replacement, but he had no money even to pay for a glass of water at Aunt Z's, much less an expensive compensator. He then overheard two men discussing a 20,000-credit bounty placed on two missing children, which prompted Xiono to look for them, both because he needed the money and because it was the right thing to do. Unbeknownst to Xiono, the children, siblings Eila and Kel, were being hunted by the First Order, who had placed the bounty, because they were the sole survivors of the destruction of their village on their homeworld Tehar, and the First Order was intent on covering up the atrocity.[13]

Kel and Eila were, in fact, on the Colossus, and Xiono and Vozo, who he had enlisted as help, were knocked down by the siblings when they were fleeing the Colossus marketplace. They ran away when Xiono approached them and said he was trying to help, so he and Vozo enlisted the Chelidae engineering staff to track down the children. At this point, Xiono was summoned to the tower by Captain Doza, who, suspicious from the earlier incident in the tower, asked him why he was looking for the kids. Xiono was honest, but Doza, suspicious, didn't believe him, although he hid his suspicions from Xiono. Kel had lost a charm with a carved symbol on it earlier, and Xiono gave it to Doza. Afterwards, Doza, in an attempt to keep relations with the First Order cordial, alerted Captain Phasma that the children had been seen on the Colossus, and she sent Commander Pyre and a contingent of stormtroopers to the platform.[13]

The Chelidae found Eila and Kel, bringing them to engineering. When Xiono and Vozo arrived and were able to talk to them, they learned what had happened to the siblings' homeworld, and that the attack had been lead by Kylo Ren. Xiono promised to help them escape. However, when Xiono and Vozo accompanied Kel back to the market to buy some medicinal herbs to help with Eila's broken leg, they were seen by Pyre and his troopers, who chased them back to engineering. Cornered, Xiono came up with a plan to fake the siblings' deaths. When Pyre and his troopers burst in, they saw the children standing in front of an open grate leading to the ocean below, and when Pyre ordered the children to come with him, Kel refused before he and Eila apparently jumped to their deaths. In reality, they landed in a maintenance area just below, while two Chelidae jumped into the water. The shellfolk slowed their vital signs to trick the stormtroopers' scanner, and Pyre left, reporting to Phasma that the children were "no more". The Chelidae offered Kel and Eila a place to stay, and Xiono reported everything to the Resistance.[13]

The pirate spy[]

The Warbirds' second raid on the Colossus.

Xiono's report on Doza's potential dealings with the First Order caused Dameron to pay him a visit, where he took him flying in a loaned X-wing. While out with their astromech droids, they picked up a distress call from a Darius G-class freighter and investigated, rescuing a woman, Synara San, from the ship and bringing her to the Colossus, where Xiono and Yeager registered her. Unbeknownst to Xiono and his friends, San was actually a member of the Warbird gang, and they had handed her and the gang a perfect opportunity, as they now had a spy on the platform.[2]

San's first opportunity came a few weeks later. Under orders to blend in, she had gotten a job working with the salvagers on the Colossus' loading docks. Xiono and Ryvora came to her looking for a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip, as Team Fireball had secretly been hired to repair the targeting computer for the platform defenses. This led San to discover that the defenses were down.[14]

After the Aces departed to escort an important shipment, she signaled Gorr to carry out another attack on the platform. Gorr and his Warbirds raided the platform and caused considerable damage to the loading area and marketplace. While Ryvora went to the docks to find her friend Synara, Xiono, and Yeager went to installed the repaired targeting computer into the missile systems. While trying to install the targeting computer, Xiono and Yeager were harried by Gorr and his pirates.[14]

Despite fierce opposition, they managed to reactivate the missile defense system and the pirates were forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Tam and Synara joined forces in fighting the pirates. As a result, Synara came to gain Tam's trust. As a result of the second pirate attack coinciding with the absence of the Aces, Kaz came to suspect there was a pirate spy aboard the Colossus but did not suspect Synara. Meanwhile, Captain Doza, concerned about the vulnerability of the Colossus, was forced to reconsider the First Order's offer of protection.[14]

Befriending Torra Doza[]

Xiono befriended Torra Doza during his second mission to Doza Tower

Prior to Commander Pyre's scheduled visit to the Colossus, Xiono and BB-8 received orders from Dameron to find any information linking Captain Doza to the First Order. While attempting to enter Doza Tower's secret entrance, Xiono bumped into Captain Doza's daughter Torra. The younger Doza, who was chafing under her father's strict protective measures, wanted to visit the local marketplace.[15]

Seeking to gain Torra's trust, Xiono agreed to cut along. Torra was forced to cut her trip to the market short due to hostility from local merchants and customers, who expressed dissatisfaction with her father's decision to cancel races, a key source of revenue for the local economy. Returning to her room, Torra invited Xiono to the lounge where the Aces socialized. Xiono was spotted by Rucklin, now working there, who was still bitter at the loss of his racer.[15]

Later, Xiono played the flight simulator game Flight Simulator Squadron with Torra. When 4D-M1N entered the room, Xiono managed to hide. 4D identified BB-8 as a threat but Torra managed to calm her down. While Torra was preoccupied, Xiono infiltrated Doza's office while BB-8 kept watch. Xiono managed to download information from Doza's datapad into a flashdrive.[15]

However, Rucklin alerted Captain Doza to the presence of an intruder in his office and Xiono was forced to hide in a closet. Inside, Xiono discovered an Imperial officer's uniform, indicating that Captain Doza had served in the Imperial Military. After Doza and Rucklin left, Xiono and BB-8 sneaked out of Doza Tower with the help of Torra, who exacted a promise from Xiono to tell her what he was doing in her father's office.[15]

While exiting Doza Tower, the two were trapped in the trash incinerator. After escaping the incinerator, Xiono denied being a spy and claimed that he had left the New Republic Navy to pursue a racing career. Though Torra outwardly accepted his explanation, she privately questioned his account.[15]

The phase connector heist[]

Xiono denied the First Order access to a phase connector by downing Teroj's freighter

Following the Bibo incident,[6] Commander Pyre dispatched the Keteerian mercenary Teroj Kee to steal a phase connector from Flix and Orka's starship parts business "Office of Acquisitions." The First Order wanted to use the phase connector to break open asteroids and planetoids for mining. Terroj took advantage of Flix and Orka's brief holiday to visit the store in order to steal the phase connector.[16]

However, Xiono was minding the store. Unable to fool Xiono into giving the phase connector to him, Teroj trapped Xiono inside a crate and sent it crashing into the sea. He then entered the store and stole the phase connector following a fight with BB-8. Teroj then departed aboard a Darius G-class freighter with three First Order stormtroopers. Teroj, however, underestimated Xiono, who managed to free himself.[16]

Xiono stowed aboard the departing freighter with Flix and Orka's pet gorg Bitey. Bitey managed to use his sharp teeth to disable the power cables to the ship's engines, causing the freighter to crash into the sea. Xiono and Bitey escaped as did Teroj and most of his stormtroopers. However, the freighter and its phase connector cargo were lost.[16]

Flix and Orka were pleased with Xiono for denying Teroj and his First Order handlers access to the phase connector but made Xiono clean up the store. Xiono later filed a report on the phase connector incident with General Organa. Teroj incurred the wrath of Commander Pyre, who ordered him to report back to headquarters immediately.[16]

Kidnapping of Torra Doza[]

The First Order staged the kidnapping and rescue of Torra Doza to convince Captain Doza to accept their "protection".

To exert pressure on Captain Doza to accept First Order "protection" over the Colossus, Commander Pyre and Captain Phasma hired Gorr and the Warbirds to kidnap Torra. Bruising from their unsuccessful earlier raids, Gorr agreed in return for receiving triple pay. Kragan then contacted his local spy Synara San and tasked her with receiving Drell and Valik at the docks.[10]

Having gained Torra's trust, Synara was able to unlock Doza Tower's doors and smuggle in Drell and Valik, who kidnapped Torra and escaped on speeder bikes. Experiencing a change of heart, Synara warned Xiono, who pursued the pirates in the Fireball. Synara also alerted Captain Doza, who dispatched Ace Squadron after the pirates. Drell and Valik managed to transfer their captive aboard a skiff and abandoned their speeder bikes, which were left behind as a diversion.[10]

Xiono and BB-8 followed in the Fireball but were forced to keep a distance due to the ramshackle state of their racer, which took some damage. Drell and Valik soon rendezvoused with Kragan Gorr's sail barge Galleon. While Kaz watched, a First Order Upsilon-class command shuttle landed aboard the Galleon. Kragan and his gang expected to receive their reward but Major Elrik Vonreg and his men attacked the pirates and rescued Torra, killing Drell and Skreek.[10]

Major Vonreg returned Torra to her father and reiterated the First Order's offer of protection. Due to the threat to his daughter's life, Captain Doza accepted a First Order presence on the Colossus. Meanwhile, Synara learned that the First Order had betrayed the Warbirds from Kragan. As a result of the incident, Kaz came to suspect that Synara was in league with the pirates.[10]


The First Order occupation[]

First Order stormtroopers on the Colossus.

Following the rescue of Torra Doza, the First Order managed to convince Captain Doza to allow them to occupy the Colossus. The First Order dispatched stormtrooper units and TIE fighters to the Colossus. Stormtroopers began verifying the identification of the platform's residents while offworld travel and communications was restricted.[7] While some residents like Tam Ryvora welcomed the added security the First Order provided, others like Kaz and Yeager recognized that the First Order was seeking to use the Colossus as part of their campaign to reconquer the galaxy.[18]

The First Order's decision to ban racing, a key pillar of the local economy and social activity, generated considerable local opposition.[19] In response to growing restrictions, protesters pelted First Order stormtroopers with fruit.[18] Some outspoken residents like Aunt Z and Ace Leader Hype Fazon angrily confronted First Order personnel.[19] Captain Doza was concerned about the First Order's increasingly totalitarian contro,l but was increasingly sidelined by Commander Pyre. The First Order planned to install a larger garrison. Residents would be allowed to stay as long as they did not oppose the First Order.[18]

Acts of resistance[]

Kaz, Torra Doza, and CB-23 resisted First Order rule

During the early stages of the occupation, Kaz helped Synara San escape a First Order manhunt and reunited with her fellow pirates.[7] Later, Kel and Eila knocked the stormtrooper CS-515 unconscious during an unsuccessful arrest attempt. To check that the stormtrooper had not reported them, Kaz stole CS-515's armor and infiltrated the First Order. He stole a data memory containing information about the First Order's fleet movements, which he shared with Yeager.[18]

Despite the occupation, the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron still managed to sneak into the Colossus. He and Kaz then departed for a mission to investigate First Order activity in the Dassal system. Kaz subsequently returned with the Fireball and the BB-series astromech droid CB-23 as a minder since BB-8 had left with Poe on a sensitive mission.[20]

During a crackdown, the First Order arrested several citizens including Hype Fazon, Aunt Z, Nod, and Grevel. However, they were rescued by Kaz and Torra; who were now aware that Yeager and Captain Doza were working together to find a way to contact the Resistance.[19] However, Commander Pyre discovered that the Fireball had been used in incursions into First Order space and ordered the arrest of Team Fireball.[21]

Though Tam surrendered herself to the First Order, Kaz, Yeager, Neeku, CB-23, and Bucket managed to escape to the engineering deck, where they were joined by Kel, Eila, and the Chelidae. Working with Captain Doza, the rebels lowered the Colossus into the sea. Though Kaz and CB-23 manged to contact General Leia Organa, Yeager was captured. Despite receiving their message, General Organa was unable to send reinforcements to Castilon.[21]

Escaping Castilon[]

The Escape of the Colossus from Castilon.

Despite the odds stacked against them, Kaz resolved to free Yeager and Tam, retake the Colossus, and expel the First Order. Kaz and his followers formed a resistance movement, which launched an underground campaign against the First Order. Meanwhile, the First Order arrested Captain Doza for insubordination, jailing him and Ace Squadron. The First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny also exploited Tam's distrust of Yeager and Kaz,[22] convincing her to join the First Order.[23]

After freeing Yeager and Captain Doza, Kaz and Torra worked with Neeku to flush out First Order stormtroopers. While Neeku and his team prepared the Colossus' hyperdrive, Kaz and his friends tried to rescue Tam, but she was still bitter at their secrecy and chose the First Order. As the Colossus ascended into the skies, Kaz and Yeager joined forces with Ace Squadron and Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang to defend the station from First Order TIE fighters and a Resurgent-class Destroyer.[23]

Following a dogfight, Kaz and his allies managed to take the Colossus into hyperspace. While Neeku had intended to travel to D'Qar, he did not have time to put in all the coordinates, sending the station and its inhabitants into the unknown.[23] During his mission aboard the Colossus, Kaz discovered the First Order's intentions for the station.[18] He led a resistance movement which expelled the First Order and took the Colossus offworld.[23]

Behind the scenes[]

The first footage of the mission on the Colossus platform was shown in the Star Wars Resistance first look trailer on August 17, 2018.[24] The mission began in the show's premiere, "The Recruit,"[1] and is a major focus of the show's first season.



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