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"This Adumari company was producing explosive ordnance beyond what was permitted for delivery to the Galactic Alliance armed forces or otherwise legal as per Order GAO-eleven-thirty-three-B- that is, beyond the amounts necessary for their own planetary defense. In other words, they were assembling proton torpedoes for other planets, not for delivery to the GA."
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The Mission to Adumar was a covert mission by Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and Padawan Ben Skywalker to the planet Adumar to investigate whether or not Adumari missile-manufacturer Dammant Killers were developing concussion missiles for planets close to rebellion, as Alliance regulations chafed against planetary interests.[2]

The master and apprentice posed as Jedi inspectors for the Galactic Alliance, with the two exploiting Jedi mystique to intimidate the Adumari. Ben Skywalker acted as an interpreter for Jacen's "telepathy" as their guide, Testan ke Harran, nervously toured them around the facility. The adept Jedi detected uneasiness from their guide and fellow Adumari workers pertaining to a certain part of a wall. Astonishing their guide, Ben Skywalker cut open the hidden door where a further production facility was discovered to be manufacturing missiles which were not reported to the Galactic Alliance.[2]

Despite being engaged by up to twenty Adumari guards, Skywalker managed to record evidence of the facility while his Master entered a pitched firefight. The two Jedi managed to escape the facility in a display of Force acrobatics around Cartann – destroying an odd Adumari starfighter and killing its pilot in the process. Skywalker then transmitted the evidence gained by the investigation while two Jedi took off for Coruscant in Jacen Solo's modified Lambda-class shuttle. The crimes of the Dammant Killers were reported to GA authorities.[2]

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