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"The Jedi Order is still reeling from Ossus, Master Rasi Tuum. Letting go of pain and anger is never easy, but we must do this to forge an alliance today. Tomorrow is tomorrow."

In 137 ABY, Emperor Roan Fel of the Empire-in-exile left the Imperial fortress world of Bastion to meet with representatives of the Jedi Order on Agamar. Both Fel's Empire and the Jedi were fighting against Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, and both groups had already allied with the Galactic Alliance Remnant. An agreement on Agamar would solidify the mutual cooperation of all three groups. The Jedi had been distrustful of Fel for the past seven years, believing him to be responsible for an attack on the Jedi that had scattered their order, and had only recently learned that the attack had in fact happened against his orders.

Jedi Master K'Kruhk and three Jedi traveled to Agamar from their Hidden Temple and met with Fel, who brought along a bodyguard of over ten of his Imperial Knights. They met in an open field, all dressed as farmers, and were able to come to an agreement without incident. Immediately after terms were reached, Nyna Calixte, the Director of Imperial Intelligence for Darth Krayt's Empire who was secretly aiding Fel, rushed onto the scene and informed everyone present that agents of her Empire had learned of the meeting and were preparing to attack. Forces of the One Sith rose from some nearby swamps, and a battle began.


"The Jedi have nothing to fear from my father. Roan Fel is not your enemy. He never truly was."
―Marasiah Fel, to the Jedi Council[src]

Prior to 127 ABY, the Jedi Order and the Fel Empire were allies.[4] The Jedi were working closely with the Yuuzhan Vong species to restore worlds that had been ravaged when the Yuuzhan Vong had invaded the galaxy 100 years beforehand, but agents of the One Sith secretly sabotaged their efforts and framed the Yuuzhan Vong.[5][6] Roan Fel, Emperor of the Fel Empire, and Jedi Master Kol Skywalker attempted to discover who was responsible, but Fel's Council of Moffs, who were, unbeknown to him, allied with the Sith, overruled his authority and called for war.[4] A three-year war raged that pitted the Empire against the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance, and in 130 ABY, the Empire, aided by the Sith, became the victors.[6] Fel ordered his Empire to allow the Jedi to remain on Ossus unharmed,[4] but the Sith acted against his orders and attacked the Jedi, killing many and scattering the rest. The Sith Lord Darth Krayt attempted to assassinate Fel, but the Emperor fled into exile. Krayt now sat on the throne of a new Empire.[5]

By 137 ABY, many Jedi had found their way to a Hidden Temple,[4] and Fel had formed an Empire-in-exile situated on the fortress world of Bastion.[7] The Jedi saw Fel as their enemy, believing that he had ordered their massacre at Ossus.[8] The Galactic Alliance Remnant had been waging its own guerrilla war against Krayt's Empire, and both Fel and the Jedi formed alliances with the Remnant's Admiral Gar Stazi against their common enemy.[1][9] Three of Fel's Imperial Knights, including his daughter Marasiah, infiltrated the Jedi's Hidden Temple on a mission of peace and told the Jedi the truth about Ossus. Marasiah remained at the temple for some time, attempting to negotiate an alliance between her father and the Jedi against Krayt.[4][10] Eventually, Fel agreed to meet with the Jedi in person and negotiate with them at a neutral location, hoping to solidify a three-way alliance.[2]

The meetingEdit

"Then we are agreed, Master K'Kruhk?"
"On all major points, your Imperial Highness, yes—We will cooperate and coordinate our attacks together, working in concert. Bastion will give safe haven to Jedi, as will Admiral Stazi's forces."
―Roan Fel and K'Kruhk[src]

Fel traveled to Agamar in the Star Destroyer Dauntless, bringing with him over ten Imperial Knight bodyguards. Master K'Kruhk led the Jedi contingent, bringing with him two other Masters and one Jedi Knight. Both groups arrived onworld and made their own camp, waiting for morning to come, hopefully bringing with it the opportunity for a fresh start. Some of the Jedi were uncertain if they could trust Fel, and Antares Draco, the leader of the Imperial Knights, was concerned about a possible security leak. Unknown to either of the parties, Moff Rulf Yage of Krayt's Empire had learned about the meeting and was commanding a Strike Force that intended to capture Fel.[2]

In the morning, all of the Jedi and Imperial Knights dressed as Agamarian farmers and met in an open field. Fel and K'Kruhk were able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement without incident, but their proceedings were soon after interrupted by Nyna Calixte. Calixte was the Director of Imperial Intelligence for Krayt's Empire but was secretly aiding Fel. After two Imperial Knights began firing blaster rifles at the beast she was riding, the creature skidded into the field and Calixte collapsed onto the ground. She warned them of the impending attack,[2] and as Yage's strike force began battling the Dauntless in orbit, a group of Sith rose form some nearby swamps. A skirmish began.[11]


"The Sith know about this meeting! Veed has sent a strike force to kill or capture the Emperor! They're here now! You've got to run!"
―Nyna Calixte[src]

K'Kruhk and the Imperial Knight Treis Sinde called on their respective forces to protect the Emperor. The ensuing battle saw at least ten Sith fall to the lightsabers of the Jedi and Imperial Knights, as well as to Calixte's blaster.[11] Several Imperial Knights and Jedi fell as well,[12] but most of the survivors, including Fel, were able evacuate the planet on the escape shuttle Defender One. The Dauntless was destroyed as Defender One fled into hyperspace, and Marasiah was taken by the Sith.[11]

Behind the scenesEdit

The peace talks between the Empire-in-exile and the Jedi were one of several major storylines in the 2009-2010 Monster story arc of the comic series Star Wars: Legacy.


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