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"The Rebel bases have to get in touch with one another right away, so that the Galactic Empire can't make a surprise attack!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

The Mission to Akuria Two was a mission by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to the ice world of Akuria II a short time after the Battle of Yavin. Its intention was to bring the Akuria Rebel Base into the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


"I only hope nothing's gone wrong in the time we were delayed!"
―Leia Organa[src]

Following the Battle of Yavin, Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker were sent on a mission to contact Colonel Odan, a Rebel commander stationed on the planet Akuria II. Unfortunately a hyperdrive malfunction sent them off course, and involved them in the battle on the Keeper's World.[9] The battle delayed them for some time.

When they finally arrived on Akuria II, they were greeted by an impostor of Odan who took them aboard the commandeered War Sled.[10] The two Rebels were suspicious over the impostor's true identity, due to his inability to recite Rebel codes, confirming who he said he was. Eventually, the Rebels discovered the deception, but they were overpowered by the impostor, who interrogated them hoping to discover the Rebellion's future plans.[6]

When he was unable to obtain any information, he decided to try a new tactic. The Imperial commander tied Skywalker into the War Sled and then sent it on a collision course with the Geyser Sea. The commander hoped to force Organa to talk, promising that he would save Skywalker from his death if she would reveal the Rebellion's plans. However, the real Colonel Odan arrived with the Akurian Fafnir to save Skywalker. After rescuing the Rebel from the doomed War Sled, the group escaped on power skis.[7] The Imperial commander attempted to flee the scene back to the Empire's Polar Base, but he was pursued by Skywalker and Odan. Skywalker was able to stop the Imperial, rescuing Organa. With their captive in tow, the Rebels continued to the Imperial's Polar Base, and when they arrived, they forced the Imperial to transmit the proper access codes, opening the energy gates to the base.[4]

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"The Imperials have hunted 'em like animals for years. They've been itchin' to strike back. A break in these defenses is all they needed, Skywalker."

The Imperial Commander is killed in the battle.

After the gates had opened, the Rebels wedged their snow flyer in the gateway. The group then departed the craft and detonated it, blasting a hole in the gate, and disabling the energy field. With the base vulnerable, Fafnir led the native Akurians in an assault on the structure. Riding power skis, the Akurians flooded the opening, overwhelming the base. The laser cannons arrayed on the top of the base had been arranged to expect an aerial attack, and they were caught off guard by the assault. During the confusion, the Imperial commander escaped from his captors into the base, commanding his forces. Hoping to quell the uprising, the Imperials tried to raise TIE fighters. However, at the same time, Skywalker and Organa has entered the base, and they prevented the Imperials from boarding their starfighters, commandeering the craft for themselves. Using the fighters to their advantage, the Rebels eliminated the blaster cannons that were arrayed to defend against ground attack, leaving the Akurians free to continue their assault. The Imperial commander, ordered the blaster cannons to shoot down the two TIE fighters, but the Rebels were careful to stay low to the ground, keeping out of range of the Imperials.[4]

In a final run, Skywalker trained his weapons on the same gun emplacement where the Imperial leader was commanding. Skywalker's blasters destroyed the blaster cannon, killing the Imperial commander in the process. With their leader slain, the Imperials succumbed to the onslaught, allowing the Rebels to conquer the base. Several fighter patrols had to be dealt with before final victory, but a quick sweep by Organa and Skywalker eliminated the remaining Imperials, securing the world for the Rebellion. To the cheers of the victorious Akurians, Skywalker and Organa departed their TIE fighters, celebrating their triumph over the Imperials. Colonel Odan, thankful for the two Rebels efforts, agreed to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic formally, claiming the world for the Rebellion.[4]


"You came here to bring me an' my rebels into your Alliance, Princess... After today, nothin' could keep us out!"

Although the mission resulted in the capture of an important Imperial base, the purpose of the mission was always to bring Odan's rebel movement into the Alliance to Restore the Republic. This was a complete success. Colonel Odan's leadership made him the ideal choice to retain his position as Rebel commander on Akuria II under the Rebel Alliance. Rebel scouts were dispatched to assist with mopping up the remaining Imperial troops, and the Rebels, led by Colonel Odan, helped the Akurians reclaim their native world. Akuria II would later serve as an ideal training base for arctic climates, and at least one scout assigned to Akuria, Corporal Maren Kelsome, would later serve with bravery at the Battle of Hoth.[11]



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