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Darth Vader undertook a mission to the river moon of Al'doleem during the early stages of the Great Jedi Purge in 19 BBY.[4]

Vader had come to the moon in pursuit of the Jedi Kirak Infil'a,[1] as his Sith Master, Darth Sidious, had ordered him to take a kyber crystal from a Jedi he defeated in combat,[2] which Vader would then bleed into his own.[5] As Infil'a had separated himself from the rest of the Jedi Order by taking the Barash Vow, he survived the execution of Order 66, giving Vader a target for his crystal.[2]

As Vader dueled Infil'a, three members of the Am'balaar City police attempted to stop them, as they were fighting on vital city infrastructure, but the Sith Lord attempted to throw them off. While Infil'a was able to save them, Vader used the Force to destroy other infrastructure, which would flood the city. Infil'a was horrified and tried to stop the water, but Vader took advantage of his distraction to steal the Jedi's lightsaber and lift him off the ground. As the Jedi was Force choked, he was forced to watch as the flood began. Vader then killed Infil'a and let the Jedi's body fall into the flood.[1]

After taking the crystal, Vader's droid brought their starship to Mustafar, and, once inside a Sith cave, he began to bleed it. After rejecting a vision where he returned to the light side of the Force, Vader corrupted the crystal, bending it to his will[5]

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The mission to Al'doleem first appeared in Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 3: Fortress Vader, Part III, a 2017 canon comic written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli.[4]

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