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"What kind of scum builds doomsday weapons for the Empire? I remember hearing about Moff Rebus during my training days. Everyone said he was quirky, and some said he was a genius. But how smart can you be if you live in a sewer system? Maybe he had an affinity for dianogas."
―Kyle Katarn[src]

After discovering the initials M.R. on a weapon at the destroyed Tak Base, Kyle Katarn sought out the weapons designer Rebus on Anoat.

Known that Rebus resides in a Sewage Complex in Anoat City, this led rebel mercenary, Kyle Katarn to discover and extract him from his hideout in the sewers of the city and surrender him to the Rebellion.

The area was scarcely guarded, if not for some probe droids and remotes. However Kyle's major danger were the dianogas living in the sewers. Also, he had to find a not so easy way to reach Rebus. He had to open 4 gates, enter their respective maze-like subsections and raise the sludge level before being able to reach Rebus' headquarters.

After the mission, Jan Ors had prepared the decontamination shower of the Moldy Crow for Kyle.

Rebus was uncooperative in the interrogation, but his erring words revealed Fest as an important station of the project.

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