The Mission to Antiquity was a failed New Republic operation to capture an Imperial Colonel on the planet Antiquity during the Galactic Civil War.


A smuggler group was hired to ferry four individuals to the city Lis'an on the planet Antiquity. The employers were New Republic commandos who tried to infiltrate discreetly the planet in order to capture an Imperial female Colonel hiding on the Antiquity since the Battle of Endor. The smugglers were not aware of the commando's mission.

The missionEdit

When the New Republic commandos arrived in Lis'an, the Colonel had already left the city. They then informed the smugglers they need more extra hours.

During their free time, the smugglers were approached by a Zarian conman named Woetar ho swindled one of the smugglers at sabacc a few months back.


Woetar and "the courier" discuss the modalities of her evacuation.

He was hired to ferry a package from the city of Karren but some disgruntled ex-customers were surrounding his ship. He offered credits to fly him to Karren. The smugglers agreed than the ex-customers, a bunch of thugs, attacked the ship. The smugglers fought them off and took off for Karren. Upon landing, Woetar directs the smugglers to the Twin Scales tavern. The smugglers were eventually led to a female courier, who asked them to take her to the orbiting ship. She was in fact the wanted Imperial Colonel.

The group headed back to the spaceport, to find police crawling all over the ship. Their YT-2550 eventually head into orbit, only to be intercepted by two ships, one a Carrack-class cruiser coming out of hyperspace, the other a modified freighter from the planet. The New Republic commandos in the freighter demanded the smugglers land at once. However, the Imperial cruiser fought off the freighter, and the smugglers deliver the courier to it and were paid by Imperial officers.


Back at Lis'a hours later, a very disgruntled group of passengers returned to the smuggler ship. One of them was overheard complaining how their commando mission get wrecked by some "no good spacers" in an unidentified ship.


Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. The Politics of Contraband places this strory in the New Republic era, but before the Thrawn campaign.
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