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"I know that another Jedi has been to Anzat frequently as of late. Sora Bulq. I need to know why."
Tholme, to Akku Seii[src]

A mission to Anzat occurred when Jedi Master Quinlan Vos brought back information that Sora Bulq had made several trips to Anzat and the Jedi thought he was up to something out there. Master Tholme believed he had to take part in the mission and worked alongside Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and her troops.

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When they arrived on Anzat, Tholme visited Akku Seii, his former teacher, while Secura went to learn about Bulq's activities in the planet. When Tholme found Seii, he asked him why Sora Bulq came so frequently to Anzat, but the Anzati Code of Honor forbade Seii disclosing any details of contracts or kills. Without warning, several Anzati assassins attacked Tholme. The Jedi Master defended himself, striving not to deal any mortal blows. After defeating the assassins, Tholme realized that all the attackers were students of Akku Seii. He found this strange, as he knew the tradition had always been that each teacher only taught one student. When he mentioned this, Seii responded, telling the Jedi that no other teachers were available.[7]

Meanwhile, Aayla went to Maggot's Cantina, looking for somebody that could assist her. There, a Houk named Gort told her that he had seen Bulq, and told Secura where she could find him. Aayla went to the specified place, where she found Bulq's ship. Secura made her way into the ship and downloaded the ship's logs. While exiting the vessel, a Morgukai assassin attacked her but was swiftly defeated by the Jedi. Bulq then appeared with Rath Kelkko and other Confederacy beings, talking about their plans with the Anzati teachers and the Morgukai.[7]

Tholme and Secura rendezvoused at their ship and, when they analyzed the ship's logs, noticed the Dark Jedi often visited Saleucami. On learning this information, they supposed that Bulq perhaps had a base on the planet. The Jedi decided to split up, with Aayla going to Trigalis, where she had been ordered, and Tholme to Saleucami.[7]



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