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"We infiltrated a smuggler ring on Karazak. They had no idea what they were dealing with."
"We've been following their supply routes. Many converge here, on this planet."
―Lene Kostana and Sifo-Dyas[src]

During the Republic Era, Jedi Master Lene Kostana undertook a mission to the planet Asusto in order to track down rumors of Sith artifacts on the black market. After infiltrating a smuggler ring on Karazak, Kostana and her Padawan Sifo-Dyas were led to Asusto, taking Dooku, a fellow Padawan, with them. They encountered several Abyssin smuggling nerve disruptors, who Dooku killed in a fit of rage. However, before they could verify the rumors of Sith artifacts, they were captured by the last remaining coven of the Presagers of Hakotei, who planned to enact a ritual using them. While experiencing a painful vision, Dooku unintentionally used Force lightning to kill the Presagers.[1]

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