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"Nice work, Jaden. Some rescue mission..."
Jaden Korr to himself[src]
The Mission to Blenjeel took place in 14 ABY. When a merchant fleet crashed on the planet, Jaden Korr was sent to rescue them. But due to atmospheric lightning, he crashed on Blenjeel, and his ship was severely damaged. After trekking to the crash site, Korr saw the last survivor being devoured by a sand burrower.

A sand burrower attacking the last surviving merchant.

Korr decided to scavenge the wreck of the crashed merchant vessel to see if he could retrieve any parts that he could use to repair his own ship. He was able to avoid the sand burrowers long enough to find the parts necessary to repair his ship. These parts were a power converter, an energy cell for the cooling unit, a power coupling for the inertial compensator, and a damper.[1]

Korr may have used thermal detonators to kill some sand burrowers. The detonators produced sufficient vibrations in the sand to trick the sand burrowers into believing it was prey for them.[1] Korr may have also used a blaster to fire on the sand and distract the creatures with the same method.

Korr eventually managed to repair his ship and leave the planet. Shortly after these events, Blenjeel was listed in the New Republic Galactic Database as a dangerous planet to be avoided.[1]


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