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In 14 BBY, after rescuing the former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis from Inquisitors on Bracca in the S-161 "Stinger" XL luxury yacht Stinger Mantis, fellow former Jedi Cere Junda enlisted Kestis on a mission to use his connection with the Force to enter the Vault on the planet Bogano. There, Kestis met and joined forces with the droid BD-1 to navigate Bogano. At the Vault, he used the Force to enter and discovered a hologram message from the Jedi Master Eno Cordova revealing that he had hidden a Jedi holocron containing the names of Force-sensitive children throughout the galaxy. Cordova's message directed the listener to complete a test, before they could access the holocron, beginning with traveling to Zeffo, the homeworld of the species that constructed the Vault temple.

The mission[]

In 14 BBY,[3] during the years following the Great Jedi Purge, the crew of the S-161 "Stinger" XL luxury yacht Stinger Mantis traveled to the secret planet Bogano after their rescue of one time Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis from the Second and Ninth Sister Inquisitors on Bracca. Having cut herself off from the Force, the former Jedi Cere Junda enlisted Kestis to use his connection with the Force to open a Vault on Bogano, seeking to advance her goal to restore the Jedi Order.[1]

When Kestis left the Mantis, he was met with the BD unit droid BD-1, who joined him on the mission and aided him with scanning their surroundings. The pair traversed the grassy mesas of Bogano, fighting off the local bog rat, oggdo and splox fauna with his former master's lightsaber and discovering signs of the Jedi who once lived there. During the journey, Kestis experienced memories from his youth of training in Force powers with his master, Jaro Tapal. Through the memories, he rediscovered Force skills previously lost to him when his connection to the Force was fractured as a result of the Jedi Purge and used these skills to traverse the terrain of Bogano and reach the Vault.[1]

Kestis used the Force to open the Vault, where he found a hologram message left by the Jedi Master Eno Cordova. Cordova revealed he enclosed a Jedi holocron with the names and locations of Force-sensitive children throughout the galaxy within the inner chamber of the Vault, providing a key to Junda's goals of restoring the Jedi. However, he could only entrust the holocron with an individual that had followed his own path and and understood him. Cordova explained that the vault was a temple built by the ancient Zeffo people and directed the listener to travel to their homeworld of Zeffo and seek out the tombs of the Three Zeffo Sages and revealed that the droid BD-1 contained the messages needed to complete the quest. On their way back to the Stinger Mantis, Kestis and BD-1 discovered Zeffo art on a stone wall depicting the planet Dathomir, and the droid played a message from Cordova explaining that the Zeffo had a curious interest in the dark world.[1]

Cal Kestis opened Cere Junda's Jedi holocron.

After reaching the ship, Kestis told Junda and pilot Greez Dritus his findings of the holocron and their two potential destinations. After learning of the holocron hidden on Bogano, Junda showed him the holocron she had on board the ship and Kestis opened it. She explained that Eno Cordova was once her own Jedi Master, when she was still with the Order. She saw the data contained in Cordova's hidden holocron as a way to restore the Jedi and told him that she believed rebuilding the Order was their best chance against the Galactic Empire. She asked Kestis what he believed, and he admitted that after his encounter with the Inquisitors, he couldn't continue hiding from the Empire. With some hesitation, he agreed to help Junda with her mission and after he committed to joining them, Dritus allowed Kestis to choose between Zeffo and Dathomir for their next destination, ultimately choosing Zeffo.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The mission to Bogano first appeared in the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.[1]


Notes and references[]

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