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"Oh, no! He has taken it to another world."
"Yes, of course. He thinks you can't follow, yes."
"But he's right! I can't!"
"But you can, come. Come with me, yes."
―Boba Fett and Aia, after the Slave I was stolen[1]

A mission was undertaken by the young bounty hunter Boba Fett to regain possession of his starship Slave I in 22 BBY. The ship had been stolen by the H'drachi Gjon on the moons of Bogden after Fett had paid Gjon to fix a strut on the Slave I that had been damaged when the he landed on the moon Bogg 4. Finding the starship stolen when he returned to the H'drachi's shop, Fett was only able to pursue Gjon with the help of the birdlike Aia, who knew where Gjon was and flew the young bounty hunter from Bogg 4 to another moon, Bogg 11, where the Slave I was being held. Fett then confronted Gjon, who let him have his ship back.


"How much to fix a strut?"
"How much you got?"
―Boba Fett and Gjon, after the former damaged his ship[1]

In the wake of the death of his father on the planet Geonosis at the onset of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, the young bounty hunter Boba Fett traveled to the moons of Bogden in search of the man called Tyranus. Fett sought Tyranus because he had hired Fett's father to be the prime clone for the clone troopers of the new Grand Army of the Republic, and Fett needed his help to access the credits Jango had set away for his son. Landing on the moon Bogg 4, Fett damaged a strut on his starship, Slave I, as he landed on a pad outside of Honest Gjon Starship Service, a shop owned by the H'drachi Gjon. Fett paid Gjon to fix the strut and went into town to search for Tyranus. With Fett gone and knowing the access codes after they were given to him by the young bounty hunter to repair the ship, Gjon piloted Slave I to another one of Bogden's moons, Bogg 11, to scrap the ship for spare parts.[1]

The mission[]

"The gravity waves rise and fall with the moons, yes. If you get high enough, and if you know what you are doing, you can ride them. Like a bird on the wind, yes."
―Aia, describing how he and Boba Fett will get to Bogg 11[1]

Boba Fett soon returned from the town, where he had gone to the local tavern The Bonny Bounty in an attempt to find any information about the whereabouts of Tyranus. Discovering Slave I gone, Fett despaired until the birdlike Aia, whom he had met on his way to town, showed him the moon where Gjon had taken Slave I, visible from where they were. Aia led Jango's son to a cliff near the landing pad, and explained that due to the many moons in close proximity to each other around Bogden, gravity waves rose and fell according to the moons, allowing one to fly using them. Aia took Fett's hand and stepped off the cliff, proceeding to fly Fett from Bogg 4 to Bogg 11, briefly passing through space before entering the atmosphere of Bogg 11. They circled down to the surface, allowing the young bounty hunter to see Slave I in a small valley. Fett confronted Gjon, who gave him back the ship as he had not gotten to work on it, though the strut damaged during the landing had been fixed.[1]


"I happen to know of some money being smuggled from Bogg 2 to Bogg 9. A few fellows with a good ship and a little luck could take what they needed."
―Gjon, telling Fett and Aia of a potential opportunity[1]

Low on money but with a fully repaired Slave I, Boba Fett decided to help Aia and Gjon intercept light-air balloons carrying counterfeit credits from Bogg 2 as the balloons traveled to Bogg 9.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The mission to Bogg 11 first appeared in the novel Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive, written by Terry Bisson[1] and released on April 23, 2002.[2]



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