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Sometime after the Battle of Crait, Dross Squadron undertook a mission to Bracca to obtain more ships for the Resistance.


"Even if we get to Coronet City and Poe and Charth and whoever are able to lift a few First Order ships, it's not enough."
"I agree. That's why I want you to go to Bracca. Put a team together. Take whoever you need and go get as many starfighters as you can."
―Shriv Surgav and Leia Organa[1]

After the Battle of Crait, which was a massive blow to the Resistance, General Leia Organa gathered her forces together at the Ryloth Defense Authority base on Ryloth, with the permission of her old friend Yendor, and prepared to gather as many ships as possible to be able to fight the First Order, a military dictatorship that rose out of the shards of the Galactic Empire. First, she assigned leader of Black Squadron pilot Poe Dameron to go to Corellia and steal a few ships from the First Order. She then recognized the need to gather more people sympathetic to the Resistance's cause, so, she commanded Wedge Antilles to lead a cadre to break out former New Republic senator Ransolm Casterfo from the Santhe Shipyards. Lastly, she ordered Shriv Suurgav and Dross Squadron to go to the location of the Scrapper Guild on Bracca and take as many ships as possible from there, as the First Order was sending ships there to be decommissioned and scrapped. With that, the mission to Bracca began.[1]

Time in hyperspace[]

"Okay, Dross Squadron, buckle up. Here we go."
―Shriv Surgav[1]

In hyperspace, tensions were at an all-time high. Shriv noted that Zay, his niece, had been rolling her eyes a lot lately, perhaps due to puberty. While on the way to Bracca, Shriv briefed the team on the mission and informed Wesson Dove and her wife, Raidah Doon that they'd be going in as Hazmats to get in the facility and steal a few ships. During this flight, Shriv also noticed that Pacer had been acting up, and after rebuking him, he dismissed the young pilot as a "space baby," which hurt Zay, as she was born in space. But Shriv assured her that her parents would be proud of her hard work for the Resistance.[1]

The mission[]

The adventure begins[]

"It's kind of pretty from up here."
"Sure, if you like depressing space junk."
―Zay Versio and Shriv Surgav, on Bracca[1]

After arriving out of hyperspace, Shriv once again briefed the team and prepared them, giving them all assignments, a few as Riggers and some as Hazmats. Pacer then told the crew what his sister had told him about there and how ships went into the Ibdis Maw and that she would be willing to assist, as she hated the First Order as much as he did. And now, with the plans set, the mission to Bracca officially began.[1]

Landing on Bracca[]

"Take care, space baby."
―Shriv Surgav, to Zay Versio[1]

The team was commanded to land on a long, narrow platform. Despite the murky and foggy atmosphere, Shriv could see ships landing and waiting for clearance to take off.

After their ship landed, Zay prepared to get out, but Shriv told her that she was going to stay on the ship, much to her irritation and disappointment, as she thought she was old enough for action. But her uncle explained that he wanted her to be their last line of defense because he trusted her the most and he wanted her to continue to fight hard for the Resistance. Zay agreed, and Shriv and the rest of the team set off.[1]

Putting the plan in motion[]

"We're gonna win this war?"
"Yeah, definitely."
―Pacer Agoyo and Shriv Surgav[1]

After getting the jumpsuits Pacer's sister had left for them under a pile of trash in a maintenance corridor a few blocks from the train station, Shriv and his team hopped on the transport train, ready for their mission. After the train pulled into a station and came to a halt, Shriv caught sight of the Ibdis Maw, something he wished he hadn't seen. In fact, the Duros was not able to tell if the separate mouths were individual creatures or multiple mouths on one continent-sized creature. Right then, a squad of stormtroopers rushed in. Though a bit tense and wanting to shoot them out of fear, Shriv kept his calm, and though the danger passed, he could feel Agoyo tensing and preparing to shoot them, making him wonder why the young man loathed the First Order so much. Shriv knew their exit was coming soon, but, he tensed even further as six more stormtroopers were let on at the stop before their stop. Eventually, the problem was settled, and Pacer explained his tension was due to the First Order destroying his hometown. After some encouragement from Shriv and an apology for the rebuke on the ship, the team got off the transport train peacefully. But not for long. A group of stormtroopers stopped them, recognizing Raidah as a known criminal from Gheia Six. Though at first, they were only going to take Raidah in for questioning, an officer ordered them to take all of Dross Squadron in for questioning. Knowing they could not be taken in for questioning, Wesson threw a knife at the officer and killed him and the two sides exchanged blaster fire.[1]


Though Stronghammer was killed in action, Dross Squadron was able to steal several starfighters. As the Resistance presence on Ryloth was leaked to the First Order, Shriv's group, the Corellia teams, and Organa and the others who had been stationed on Ryloth reunited at a location supplied by the Collective.[1]

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