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Four JediJedi Masters Indara and Kelnacca, the Jedi Knight Sol, and the Padawan Torbin undertook a mission to the planet Brendok[4] in 148 BBY.[3]

The purpose of the mission was to find out why the planet had life. Sol found three witches out in the woods and followed them home. Once he snuck in, he saw how the witches trained younglings and so convinced the Jedi to move in on their ceremony and request to test the children, to see if they could become Jedi. After the test, the witches were divided as to what to do, while the Jedi moved in, fearing for the safety of the younglings and also perusing Torbin, who had rushed off against orders.[6]

Mae, angry that her sister wanted to become a Jedi, accidentally started a fire that began to ravage the compound. Combat ensued when Aniseya used a Force power that the Jedi misunderstood as an attack and Sol stabbed her. While archers attacked Torbin, Koril then fought with Sol, before using her magic to disappear. The others of the coven fell back and mind-controlled Kelnacca to make him try to purge the other Jedi, but Master Indara Force suppressed their attack, the backlash of the broken mind-hold killing almost all the witches. Sol tried to save the twins, but was only powerful enough to rescue Osha. After the battle, the Jedi agreed to tell the truth from a certain point of view, leaving out anything that could reflect badly on them or endanger Osha's chances of becoming a Jedi Knight.[6]

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