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"Attention in the building. This is the ISB. Lay down your arms and surrender, and no one will be harmed. You have one minute to comply."
―ISB agents order the privateer landing party to surrender[src]

In 0 ABY, the crew of the Alliance to Restore the Republic affiliated privateering EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit sent a landing party on a mission to obtain a datadisc from an Alliance contact on the planet Brentaal IV. The datadisc, containing fresh and sensitive information regarding the route of the Imperial Star Galleon-class frigate Emperor's Will, was handed off to the privateer party, but the group ended up being pursued by Imperial Security Bureau agents. Eventually, the group managed to escape the planet, after the Far Orbit helped create a diversion.


In the year 0 ABY, at the time of the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, some of the crew of the Imperial Navy's EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit mutinied from under Imperial control. Dhas Fenoep Vedij took the title of captain for the ship, and led the mutineers to become a privateering vessel for the Alliance.[4]

Eventually, an Imperial task force tracked down the Far Orbit, which was then operating in the Core Worlds' Ringali Shell, and though they failed to capture her, managed to heavily damage the ship.[1] The Far Orbit retired from the Ringali Shell to repair for several weeks. When the ship was ready to return, Vedij had a landing party assembled for the first mission the privateers would take on as soon as they got back to the Ringali Shell. If everything went according to plan, the privateer landing party would land on the planet Brentaal IV, and receive a datadisc containing sensitive data from a Devaronian waiter, named Tynial, who was working in the Pathline Tapcafe, after asking that same waiter for Gruuvan shaal.[3]

The missionEdit

"This is Captain Dhas Vedij, formerly of the Imperial Navy. I am speaking to the people of Brentaal and the citizens of the Empire. Several weeks ago, I rejected the authority of the Empire and overthrew the captain of my ship, the Far Orbit."
―Captain Vedij sends a transmission to the populace of Brentaal IV[src]

The group arrived in Brentaal space after using a captured freighter as transport, and were confronted by an Imperial IPV-1 System Patrol Craft. The craft scanned the ship in an inspection, and asked about the cargo it was carrying, as well as the point of origin. The landing party passed the inspection due to their fake cover identities, and proceeded to a landing bay in Cityblock Kesk-319, a region on Brentaal. The landing party went to the Pathline Tapcafe, located at the intersection of Route 6903 and Citypath 515, via the region's mass transit system after smuggling the few weapons they brought with them through the weapon-scanners at the public transit stations.[3]

Transmission Dhas

Captain Dhas Vedij sends a transmission to the people of Brentaal IV.

Without incident, the party arrived at the tapcafe, but failed to find Tynial there among the waiters. According to the staff, the Devaronian had been arrested earlier, alongside some other non-humans, for not having the proper identification. Despite the lack of Tynial, the group ordered Gruuvan shaal, and was approached by a young waiter, who suggested they stop by the Jovvitz, a nightclub in Block 135, later that night. Sure enough, the privateers made their way there, and found that the nightclub was closed and abandoned, with its windows painted over. Shortly after breaking in, the landing party was confronted by blazing lights, and a voice demanding that they identify themselves. When they said they were crew of the Far Orbit, the lights dimmed, and the waiter from before, who was a slicer from a Rebel cell on Brentaal, stepped out of the shadows. While the rest of his group hung back, he handed them the datadisc they were seeking, which contained recently sliced Imperial data so important that the Imperials would close the spaceport if word of the theft got out.[3]

Just then, Imperial Security Bureau agents arrived outside the building, and ordered those inside the building to surrender. In response, the lights of the Jovvitz were turned off, and the waiter and the privateers quickly exited the building via the back door, and boarded an Ubrikkian Industries CL69 Landspeeder to escape. Two ISB agents, after firing a pair of blaster rounds through the windows, breached the building in search of anyone inside. With their quarry getting away, two security speeders pursued the privateers and the waiter, and managed to shoot the waiter dead, causing the man to slump and loose control. However, the privateers regained handling of the speeder after wrestling control away from the body, and proceeded to shake off the ISB agents on their tail before heading back to their freighter in the spaceport. After paying the docking fees, the party's ship lifted off just before the Kesk Cityblocks' spaceports were shut down, with all starships that flew from their ordered to land, or be shot down. By then in orbit of Brentaal, the freighter belonging to the party refused to land, and subsequently was pursued by TIE/LN starfighters; the freighter activated a distress beacon, signaling the Far Orbit to come and get them.[3]

The Far Orbit jumped into the system momentarily, raising all deflector shields as it prepared for combat. The frigate also sent out a wide-beam transmission, which told the populace of Brentaal IV why they had become privateers, and their reasons for doing so. This announcement enraged the Imperials, who dispatched all of their Imperial security forces to engage the Far Orbit. The TIEs, who got in one strafing pass on the freighter, disengaged to attack the EF76, leaving a pair of Hunter-Killer probots to attempt to capture the freighter as the droids passed it in pursuit of the frigate. The freighter managed to evade the droids, and jumped to hyperspace, leaving the Far Orbit to follow suit moments after.[3]


The datadisc the team obtained turned out to contain information regarding the Star Galleon-class frigate Emperor's Will and the route it would take to the world Esseles three days after the acquiring of the datadisc. The datadisc also said that the value of the contents of the Emperor's Will, mostly precious metals and spices, was valued at 400 million credits; the escort of the galleon was going to be the EF76 Zaff Jendinpurg. As the Emperor's Will was going to be in hyperspace until it reached its destination, the crew of the Far Orbit planned to pull it out of hyperspace and steal the cargo.[3] This plan led to an encounter with the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Claw,[2] and later a battle for the contents of the galleon.[5] Meanwhile, the ISB actively began to hunt the Rebel slicers that had aided the privateers.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The mission first appeared in Raid on Brentaal, an adventure scenario in 1998's The Far Orbit Project, by Timothy S. O'Brien. The book was a supplement to West End Games's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and had the same theme of the previous publication Pirates & Privateers, as it followed the privateering vessel Far Orbit. Despite the adventure scenario giving players an idea of what can happen, and leaving the adventure plan up to the players, this mission does not give as much choice and paths to the players as in other scenarios. The ship that the party uses to get to Brentaal IV can be a shuttle, though it is recommended that it is a captured freighter. In the speeder chase, if things are too easy for the privateers, the gamemaster who presides over the game will add two more speeders to chase them. The mission can also be expanded into a privateer only mission, so they acquire the datadisc themselves after they research the planet and get a base of operations.


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