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During the Clone Wars, a group of Believers Sith cultists traveled to the planet Caarimon in the Meridian sector and attempted to disperse a deadly virus on the world, to wipe out most of the native Caarite species. The cultists had manufactured the infection inside a secret laboratory on the planet Genarius and were able to flee with several barrels of the virus shortly before the lab was destroyed by a strike team sent by the Caarite-operated Metatheran Cartel. Led by the former Jedi Crymsin Ost, the Believers journeyed to Caarimon and some of the cultists landed on the world, while Ost and several of her followers boarded the orbiting research station Creautaa-V and wiped out the installation's crew. The ground team placed a homing beacon on a fault line in the Desolation region of Caarimon and Ost planned to crash a escape pod filled with the virus onto the transmitter, to both unleash the infection and trigger and environmental catastrophe. However, the Cularin Militia, a military force from the Cularin system, learned of the plot and dispatched a group of freelance agents to Caarimon, to thwart the Believers. The agents landed on the world and disabled the transmitter in the Desolation, then flew up Creautaa-V and defeated Ost's team, averting the crisis. Shortly afterward, a party was held in the Greentree Pointe resort on the world Dorumaa in honor of the agents, to commend them for their efforts during the mission.


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