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"Madine, before his capture, was about to find that one of the routes that the smugglers use starts from Ramsees Hed, a spaceport on the planet Cal-Seti."
―Jan Ors[src]

After Kyle Katarn rescued Crix Madine from Orinackra, the newly defected officer provided the Alliance with information: Rom Mohc was behind the Dark Trooper Project, and the Alliance should destroy two targets in order to disable it.

The locations of those targets were unknown, however it was revealed that the project is supplied by smugglers and an unidentified kingpin.

Jan Ors and Katarn decided that putting a tracking device in a smuggling ship, lifting off from the Imperial spaceport of Cal-Seti would help them trace their destination.

Arriving to Ramsees Hed, Katarn placed a tracking device on the rear of a smuggling ship. This led him to an Imperial robotics facility on Anteevy.

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