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"You wanna get on that Destroyer, I only know one option. Find the Master Codebreaker."
―Maz Kanata[1]

The mission to Canto Bight, also referred to as the mission to Cantonica, was undertaken by the Resistance members Finn, Rose Tico, and BB-8 during the Resistance's war with the First Order. Seeking to find the Master Codebreaker to help them infiltrate the Supremacy and save the Resistance fleet, the trio ended up being arrested, and in their escape teamed up with a codebreaker named DJ.


"There's exactly one guy I trust who can crack that kind of security! He's a master codebreaker, an ace pilot, a poet with a blaster."
―Maz Kanata to Finn, Rose and Poe[1]

When the Resistance fleet tried to escape from the First Order, the First Order tracked them through hyperspace and remained in pursuit of them, led by Supreme Leader Snoke's Star Destroyer Supremacy. Led by Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, the Resistance fleet decided to flee instead of fight, to the displeasure of Captain Poe Dameron. Meanwhile, Finn attempted to desert the Resistance so that Rey did not return to danger, but he was caught and imprisoned by maintenance worker Rose Tico. However, while talking, Finn revealed that he could identify the tracking device on the Supremacy, and he and Tico got the idea to disable it. They shared this plan with Dameron, who agreed to it. However, the Supremacy was heavily guarded by a code that changed regularly, and so the trio contacted Maz Kanata to find a way to bypass it. Kanata was too busy to help them, but told them about a Master Codebreaker they could find on Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. Kanata said they would recognize him by a red palm bloom on his lapel. Finn, Tico, and BB-8 departed from the fleet on a Resistance transport pod to head for Canto Bight.[1]

The mission[]

"Okay. We get in, we find this codebreaker, we get out."
―Rose Tico to Finn and BB-8[1]

Finn, Tico, and BB-8 crashed[3] on a private beach in Canto Bight, and they entered Canto Casino to search for the Master Codebreaker. In the casino, Finn and Tico saw people racing on fathiers, and BB-8 was mistaken for a lugjack slot machine by Dobbu Scay, and became filled up with coins. They then found the Master Codebreaker, but before they could approach him, they were arrested by the Canto Bight Police Department for landing in an illegal area and were thrown into prison.[1]

In prison, Finn and Tico met a man named DJ, who claimed to be a codebreaker. The duo did not want to recruit him, and DJ managed to unlock all the prison cells. BB-8 came to the prison, and bound and gagged the guards while they were playing cards. It then ran into DJ, and they were confronted by a policeman, but BB-8 shot him with the coins that the casino goers put in it, causing DJ to take a liking to the droid. Finn and Tico escaped through the sewers, and ended up in the fathier stables. While facing the fathiers, they met some children who attended to the stables, and Tico showed one of them the Resistance symbol on her ring, earning their allegiance. They released the fathiers and rode them out, trampling over the police that came to stop them.[1]

Chased by more police, Finn and Tico rode the fathiers onto the racetrack before leading them into the casino, where chaos erupted as they trampled over everything and broke some of the gambling machines. After tearing apart the casino, the fathiers went back outside, but the police ships converged on them. Finn and Tico took them through a narrow alley that led them to the private beach, but before they could return to their transport pod, the police ships fired at it and blew it up. Having to keep going, the fathiers took Finn and Tico up a cliff into a field of tall grass. The tall grass caused the police to lose sight of them, but as Finn and Tico took the fathier they were riding away from the rest of the herd, they ran into the edge of the plateau, faced with a steep drop into the ocean. They released their fathier so it could graze in the wild with the others, but had nowhere to run. However, the Yacht Libertine came to them, piloted by DJ and BB-8 after they had stolen it. Though Finn and Tico were reluctant to join DJ, they accepted his offer to help and escaped from the planet.[1]


"Guys. I can do it. But there exists a pre-"do it" conversation about price."
―DJ to Finn and Rose Tico[1]

While they were heading to the Supremacy, DJ confirmed he could slice through the shield and allow them to break into the Star Dreadnought. However, he wanted a precise estimation of his payment for doing this, even though Finn and Tico assured him the Resistance would pay as much as he wanted. DJ asked for Tico's Haysian ore medallion, and Tico agreed to give it to him, although Finn tried unsuccessfully to get it back as DJ looted the rest of the Libertine.[1]


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