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A mission was undertaken by the Warbird gang and later Kazuda Xiono and Torra Doza to find food for the Colossus by killing a jakoosk on the ice moon Celsor 3.[3]


Following the flight of the Colossus refueling platform from the planet Castilon during the First Order/Resistance War, the refueling platform began running low on food, drinks, and other basic supplies. Despite Captain Imanuel Doza's attempts to calm the situation, several citizens led by Aunt Z threatened to leave the station. Fearing that the First Order would learn about the location of the Colossus, former New Republic commander Jarek Yeager convinced Captain Doza that they could not let anyone leave.[3]

Kazuda Xiono and Captain Doza's daughter Torra Doza went to plead with Aunt Z not to leave. The tavern keeper agreed to reconsider if they could capture a giant jakoosk from the ice moon of Celsor 3 for meat, which was sufficient to feed the Colossus' population. Seeking to supplant Captain Doza as leader of the Colossus, the Warbird gang's leader Captain Kragan Gorr volunteered to capture the jakoosk. To prevent Kragan from claiming all the credit, Kaz and Torra volunteered to come along with the permission of Captain Doza.[3]

The hunt[]

The first attempt[]

Despite Synara San's concerns about the danger of the hunting expedition, Kragan was determined to proceed with the hunt. The pirates' sail barge Galleon entered Celsor 3's atmosphere accompanied by Kaz's racer Fireball and Torra's racer Blue Ace. As they flew through the giant ice pinnacles, the Galleon deployed several airspeeders. At the suggestion of Snarl and Drell, the pirates hurled explosives onto the surface in an attempt to lure the jakoosk out of hiding.[3]

The jakoosk soon emerged and menaced the pirates' fleet of airspeeders. Despite Kaz, Torra, and Synara's warnings, Kragan insisted on shooting the jakoosk with laser cannons. However, they were unable to pierce the creature's thick outer hide. The jakoosk devoured Skreek's airspeeder but the Trandoshan managed to escape on another. Snarl and Drell's airspeeder was also taken down by the creature. With the pirates and their flagship taking damage, Kragan finally heeded Synara and ordered a retreat.[3]

Returning to Aunt Z's Tavern, Kragan deflected responsibility for the failure of the first hunting expedition by shifting the blame onto Kaz and Torra, claiming that Ace Squadron interfered with the hunt. Determined to save her father's station, Torra was unwilling to give up. After some discussion, she and Kaz came up with a plan to shoot the jakoosk's unprotected underside with Tamara Ryvora's high-powered cannon.[3]

The second expedition[]

Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 traveled back to Celsor 3 on their ships Fireball and Blue Ace. However, their mission was complicated by Torra's pet voorpak Buggles, who had stowed aboard the Fireball. Buggles got lost and ended up on top of an ice pinnacle. Torra tried to reach him but the jakoosk emerged from its snowy hiding place. The Aces also encountered Snarl and Drell, who stole their ships and left them behind.[3]

Trapped on Celsor 3, Kaz and Torra decided to proceed with their plan while rescuing Buggles in the process. The jakoosk took an interest in Buggles, who was trapped on top of a pinnacle. Despite losing the laser cannon's battery, Kaz managed to use CB-23 as a power source and shot the massive creature in the underside, killing it. After Torra reunited with Buggles, Kaz contacted Captain Doza to request a pick-up and informed him that they had killed a jakoosk.[3]


Due to Kaz and Torra's successful hunt, they were able to acquire enough meat to feed the Colossus' population. Captain Doza organized a communal roast in the Colossus marketplace where residents were served roasted jakoosk meat. At the insistence of Synara, Snarl and Drell apologized to Kaz and Torra for abandoning them on the ice moon and stealing their ships. The mechanic Neeku Vozo also managed to boost the inhabitants' morale by creating a holographic projection of Castilon's blue skies. Aunt Z also decided to stay on the Colossus.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Mission to Celsor 3 first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season Two episode "Hunt on Celsor 3," which premiered on Disney XD on October 27, 2019.



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