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"We come here to escort a supply convoy and find an Imperial blockade waiting for us !"
"I think you 're overreacting, Plourr. A dozen lousy TIE fighters! They probably don't know the war's over and they lost!"
Plourr Ilo and Wedge Antilles[src]

A mission to Cilpar resulted in a conflict in which the Cilpari Resistance and Rogue Squadron defeated the forces of the Galactic Empire on Cilpar.

Background[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the creation of the New Republic, Rogue Squadron was assigned to make a food convoy run from Cilpar to Mrlsst. Cilpar was an Imperial world with a resistance movement unaligned with the New Republic in 4 ABY. A New Republic representative, Targeter, had established contact with the Cilpar underground, led by Elscol Loro.

The battle[edit | edit source]

"He brought that fighter down with a stick!"
―Wedge Antilles, about Groznik[src]

Upon arrival in Cilpar airspace, the Rogues were attacked by a dozen of TIE fighters. Wes Janson was shot down, so Tycho Celchu landed to recover Janson. The rest of the squadron headed to their temporary base just west of the city of Kiidan. They soon learned that the food convoy never arrived in the first place because someone tipped off the Imperial forces on the planet.

An E-Web heavy repeating blaster fires on Rogue squadron starfighters.

Elsewhere, Tycho found Janson and they hide out in a cave. A group of underground forces led by Elscol Loro arrived at the New Republic encampment and captured the Rogues. Loro was pursued a traitor among the pilots betrayed them. The Rebels take the group to the devastated city of Tamarack to show them what Moff Boren Tascl has done to the local populace in his hunting of Rebels. They were later attacked by Tascl's Imperial forces but managed to escape.

At the same time, Tycho and Janson were surprised to meet a woman they believed at first to be Princess Leia Organa. Winter, who was Cilpar's "Targeter", convinced Tycho to make his way to the local Imperial base to infiltrate their ranks as a TIE pilot. Shortly thereafter, he was forced to join the local TIE squadron in attacking the fleeing Rogues and underground. In the ensuing battle, Winter surprised the Imperials by engaging them with Tycho's X-wing that join her piloted by Tycho's astromech, shooting down many TIEs, including Tycho's one.

Vance Rego betrays Winter.

Shortly after Winter's arrival at the cave, Vance Rego, a member of the underground, arrived with a handful of stormtroopers and took Janson and Winter (whom he believes to be Leia) prisoner. In the jungle, Tycho was rescued by the Imperials only to wind up in the same base-bound transport that Winter was in.

Vance, the traitor, brought word to the Rogues and the Clipari Resistance that Princess Leia has been captured. They decide to both hit the Imperial base and save "Leia", the underground by ground and the Rogues with their X-wings. In the ensuing battle, Tycho once again flies with the Imperials, but soon turns on them. Vance was discovered as a spy and knocked by Groznik, Loro's Wookiee companion. He was then devoured by a ronk in the jungle. Groznik nearly killed Moff Tascl for the death of Throm Loro, Elscol's husband, but she instead decided to take him into custody.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With the local Imperials dealt a major blow, the Rogues left for Mrlsst, with Elscol as their newest squadron member.

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