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"Join formation, "Doc"—that's an order!"
"Remember what Porkins said? Sometimes you have to sacrifice to win the hand…!"
Wedge Antilles and Cesi "Doc" Eirriss[src]

A mission to the planet Commenor was undertaken by Red Squadron to collect a cargo of astromech droids for the Alliance to Restore the Republic on Commenor.



Porkins takes exception to a remark about his size.

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Red Squadron pilots went to the planet Commenor to collect a dozen of astromech droids for the T-65 X-wing starfighter collected eatlier. Their contact was the smuggler Captain Nera Dantels. Before the meeting, the Rebel pilots were lazing in a cantina when they were attacked by a band of thugs. After a short street fight, the villains fled and went to denounce the Rebels to stormtroopers.

The missionEdit

The Rebels finally met with Captain Dantels in Hangar Bay 31 and examined the cargo of astromechs. After confirming the cargo, they arranged to meet up with her in orbit and escort the Starduster back to Yavin 4.

Mission to Commenor

The Rebels and Starduster intercepted trying to depart Commenor.

Nevertheless, they were intercepted by Imperial TIE fighters coming from the Imperial base on the nearby moon of Folor. Antilles and Darklighter broke formation to intercept, leaving Porkins and Eirriss to provide cover for the Starduster. However, some TIEs made it through and were able to get on Porkins's tail. Eirriss eliminated his pursuers and Porkins soon reciprocated, but more TIEs came and attacked the Starduster. Though Dantels was able to shoot them off, some of the debris struck Eirriss's X-wing, damaging her shield generator and hyperdrive. With no time to eject before the next wave of TIEs arrived, and no way to leave the system, Eirriss set a collision course for the incoming fighters, telling her comrades to leave without her. Her X-wing was destroyed in a head-on collision with the Imperial fighters. Porkins, Antilles, and Darklighter eventually jumped to hyperspace.


"Doc's gone, and there's nothing we can do about that…but we can send the Death Star to hell in her name!"
Wedge Antilles[src]

After landing in the Great Temple, they learned that the Death Star was already en route to Yavin to destroy the Rebel base. They also met Darklighter's old friend, Luke Skywalker, who had himself just arrived on Yavin 4 and was to join Red Squadron for the upcoming Battle of Yavin.


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