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A mission to the planet Commenor took place in 9 ABY, shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. At a celebration at Rogue Squadron Headquarters, a man who was a prisoner on the Lusankya, Urlor Sette, arrived announcing he had a message for Corran Horn, before dying once he heard his name. An autopsy revealed advanced cybernetics implanted within him that were traced to the Xenovet facility on Commenor. A small team, including Rogue Squadron and several infiltration commando units, were sent by the New Republic Provisional Council to investigate, after Leia Organa Solo had convinced the independent Commenorian government to allow it.

In the Xenovet facility, having overcome slight Imperial forces guarding it, the New Republic team found other Lusankya survivors and confirmation that Ysanne Isard had survived the Bacta War.

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