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Sometime following the Battle of Crait, Leia Organa assigned a mission to Corellia with two primary objectives, each completed by two separate teams: obtain a list of Resistance members targeted by the First Order being sold at a secret auction—hosted by the Collective beneficiary Nifera Shu—and rescue former New Republic Senator Ransolm Casterfo from First Order enslavement.

Additionally, a secondary objective was to steal any available starships for the Resistance.

Poe Dameron led Corellian Team One in obtaining the list, while Wedge Antilles led Corellian Team Two in the rescue mission. The two teams later rendezvoused at a hangar and escaped with several ships, returning to their Resistance base.


"Leia, I know Maz thinks Poe should go after the list, but I think I should lead the team to Corellia."
―Wedge Antilles to Leia Organa[1]

After the devastating Battle of Crait, the Resistance limped away to Ryloth, where they sought refuge there a short period at the base belonging to the Ryloth Defense Authority with the permission of Yendor, a former pilot for the Rebellion.[1]

General Organa realized that the Resistance needed to obtain more starships and find those sympathetic to their cause. Thus, she quickly sent Shriv Suurgav and Dross Squadron to the Scrapper Guild on Bracca to obtain more starships that the First Order was sending to be scrapped.[1]

Leia Organa, leader of the Resistance

After this, the Resistance leader saw the list that Maz Kanata provided for her showing all the people the First Order was taking away. She caught sight of the initials R. C. who was described as a former Senator, and deduced that it was Ransolm Casterfo, a friend of hers. Wanting to save him, she assigned Wedge Antilles and his team on a mission to Antilles' hometown of Coronet City on Corellia.[1]

Rescue mission[]

The mission begins[]

Though a bit skeptical that Casterfo was still alive, Wedge's wife, Norra Wexley, joined the mission, along with former Imperial Teza Nasz, Snap Wexley, and his wife, Karé Kun. Teza told Norra that really, it wasn't strange if Casterfo was still alive, since making one insane with torture and brutal work would be much more pitiful and satisfying. This got total silence from the group, with Snap breaking it to ask whether Teza had to come, to which Wedge said yes, as they were on her shuttle and they needed her to get through First Order security. Norra countered by saying she could do the same herself, but Nasz told her that she could do it without the bloodshed. Now, the time had arrived to see if their plan would really work.[1]

Records Department[]

On arrival, Teza recommended searching the Records Department, as every bit of information would be documented and filed. When they reached the office, they found Yama Dex, who had been severely beaten by her boss, Executive Records Officer Winshur Bratt. Yama offered to help the team in their search for Casterfo, whom she remembered because of her eidetic memory. Having found the datapad on Bratt's desk, Teza sliced into it to retrieve the data of all the prisoners and their locations.[1]

Prisoner breakout[]


The team quickly moved to where the prisoners were being held and started their search for Casterfo. Finding many other prisoners, the team agreed that everyone needed to be released and offered the chance to escape with them and join the Resistance or go their own way. It wasn't long before they found Casterfo, who was weak and scared. Antilles' mention of Leia Organa's name and the Resistance rescue was enough to convince Casterfo to join them. On their way out, Winshur Bratt tried to block Yama's escape and was about to kill her when Teza dropped him with a blaster shot to his stomach. With the prisoners freed and the mission a success, the team made their way to the shuttle. However, they realized there wouldn't be enough room for everyone, and then they remembered all the abandoned ships they had seen earlier in the hangar, including an old CR90 corvette.[1]

Obtaining the list[]

The birthday party[]

Poe Dameron's team would attend the birthday party of Nifera Shu, where the secret auction of the list was taking place. His team split into pairs, with himself paired with Finn, disguised as wealthy entrepreneurs from Canto Bight using an invitation provided by Maz Kanata, while Charth Brethen, taking advantage of his invitation as Ryloth Ambassador, paired with Suralinda Javos as his assistant. Both pairs separated on arrival so they wouldn't arouse suspicion.[1]


Dameron was invited to join the auction after he gave the host a birthday gift that she was impressed with. Not long after the auction had started, the bidding had exceeded the available funds assigned to the mission, so the team had failed to acquire the list. Dameron reviewed options with his team, they're only option left was to steal the list, either from the host or from the successful buyer.[1]

The First Order[]

First Order forces stormed Nifera Shu's party.

Before the team could put their backup plan in motion, First Order stormtroopers raided the party, killed the Nifera Shu's husband Hasadar Shu, and put an end to the auction. Dameron offered to help Shu escape capture in exchange for the list, which she agreed to. However, the First Order locked down all transports in the hangar, so the team was stuck. But then they remembered Antilles' team was also in Coronet City, so they quickly contacted the Resistance base back on Ryloth of their intention to rendezvous with Team Two to escape the First Order and Corellia.[1]

The escape[]

Antilles' team made their way to the hangar with all the ships, but it was now guarded by several stormtroopers, who weren't there earlier. They were outnumbered. Fortunately for them, Poe Dameron's team turned up to join them, and they formulated a new plan to gain access to the hangar. Wedge and Norra decided to create a distraction, which allowed everyone into the hangar and to the ships, but their distraction generated too much attention from the stormtroopers. Antilles was shot by blaster fire and was unable to continue fighting, but Norra insisted on staying with him. When they both thought it was the end for them, at the last minute, Poe, in a stolen starfighter, gunned down the remaining stormtroopers. Now safe from blaster fire, Norra and Antilles made their way to the CR90 Corvette, which was already airborne with the prisoners. With everyone safe, they all made their way back to the Resistance.[1] The freed high-value detainees were brought to a safe house on Helmaxa, maintained by the anti-authoritarian group known as the Collective.[4]



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