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This article is about mission during the Clone Wars. You may be looking for other missions to Coruscant.

The Mission to Coruscant was a Galactic Republic sting operation to root out a terrorist cell that had been plaguing the GAR. The mission involved a strike team comprising two clone commando teams, Delta and Omega Squad, Null ARCs Captain N-11 "Ordo" and Lieutenant N-7 "Mereel", Jedi Generals Bardan Jusik and Etain Tur-Mukan, and security advisor sergeant Kal Skirata and mercenary and ex-commando instructor Walon Vau.


The strike team, led by Skirata, worked under deep cover and outside of the usual military chain of command. In conjunction with the Coruscant Security Force, led by captain Jaller Obrim, they set about unraveling the network of terrorist connections. In order to allow the team to operate without drawing attention, Skirata contrived to arrange an extended period of leave on Coruscant for the clone troopers of the 41st Elite Corps. This enabled the otherwise obvious commandos to hide in plain sight and blend in with the ordinary troopers, as well as giving the battle-hardened troops from the 41st a much-needed break.

The team lay up at Qibbu's Hut, an establishment run by Qibbu the Hutt, who owed Skirata some credits for a job. Qibbu allowed the team to stay for free in exchange for canceling his debt to Skirata.

The mission[]

The team occupied the top suite of Qibbu's Hut as their Operations House. Skirata deployed two-man teams to watch and scan the skylanes for bogies. One team, made up of Fi, Sev, and Bardan Jusik, spotted a GAR logistics employee, Vinna Jiss, who was secretly working with a Falleen Separatist terrorist, delivering him explosives to bomb Galactic Republic targets. The team apprehended her and Jiss was interrogated by Walon Vau, who later killed her once she had given them all the information they needed. Ordo figured out that they had a mole in GAR logistics and switched places with Trooper Corr (clone trooper also working in the logistics department due to the loss of both his hands in active duty).

Meanwhile, Kal Skirata had set up a fake gunrunning business at Qibbu's Hut, hoping that the terrorists would attempt to pick up more explosives, since their main supplier had been routed out by a TIOPS mission executed by Omega Squad. Terrorists took the bait and using Verpine sniper rifles and a special micro-sensor tagging material nicknamed "Dust", the team managed to tag the terrorist leader, Perrive plus five others from his network.

In the meantime as Ordo was impersonating Corr, he spotted the already-dead Vinna Jiss returning to work. Next day, with the help of Jedi Knight Tur-Mukan they attempted to apprehend her for later questioning. During attempt Ordo shot "resurrected" Jiss and also incapacitated Besany Wennen (one of the Supervisors at GAR logistics). Both suspects survived shooting. Once they got back to their de facto base, they discovered that Wennen had been assigned to tail Jiss, who was not a reliable employee. The "resurrected" Jiss turned out to be former ally Jinart, a shape-shifting Gurlanin who had assisted Omega Squad during a mission to Qiilura. Jinart demanded that the Republic forces withdraw from her planet and in exchange she would provide information on the moles in the GAR. With this new information, plus the location of the terrorists' hideout (thanks to Dust), Skirata decided that it was time to bust-up the Separatists' operation. Skirata set up a date with Perrive to deliver the much-needed ordnance to the terrorists. Following delivery of the explosives the strike team would move in to shut down their terrorists operations.

All was going well. From two moles Ordo and Mereel eliminated one in the GAR (other had "unfortunate" accident) and the team was all set and ready to go. But the mission was forced to be executed earlier then expected when CSF personnel arrested one of Perrive's men, causing the terrorists to panic. Perrive requested that Skirata make his delivery 24 hours early, which the Mandalorian mercenary agreed to. Before ending his conversation with Skirata, Perrive informed him that he would not be present for the delivery. After the conversation (via comlink) ended, Skirata informed the team that their mission was a go.

While Skirata, Ordo, Mereel, and the two commando squads got into position, Etain and Walon Vau, along with Vau's pet Strill Lord Mirdalan, were sent to assassinate Perrive. Using one of Skirata's Verpine sniper rifles, Vau quickly and silently disposed of the Jabiimi terrorist.

Meanwhile, Skirata had made his delivery without incident and the commandos had attacked, disabling the lights with two PLX-1 missile launchers. The team killed fifteen out of twenty-six of the terrorists almost immediately, while the survivors retreated to a warehouse. During the ensuing firefight one of terrorists escaped back to his apartment. The surviving Separatists made a last, final gambit and attempted to trick the commandos into thinking that they were surrendering. One of the commandos, Darman, was nearly killed in their attempt by a flamethrower, but his armor managed to protect him against the blast. During the firefight all of the terrorists were killed.

Meanwhile Vau and Etain had dealt with the last terrorist who had escaped back to his apartment, and the CSF began rounding up around 90 suspected terrorists. The commandos, all relatively unharmed, retreated back to their "base", where they celebrated. The Separatist terrorist net would never recover from the blow that the commandos gave them.


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