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"The good news is that we're getting closer and closer to the center of the dark trooper operation. The bad news is that the closer we get, the more suicidal the missions become. Infiltrating the Imperial City? I should have my head examined. On the other hand, what can be more motivating than stealing Imperial secrets from under the Emperor's nose?"
―Kyle Katarn[src]

The Mission to Coruscant was a mission in the Galactic Civil War. When Kyle Katarn obtained a nava card from the Star Jewel, Jan Ors told him that only the Imperial Security Operations building in the Imperial City hosted a reader that could interpret it. The card was believed to hold information regarding the secret location of the Arc Hammer.

Jan Ors, approached with the Moldy Crow in a plaza where she left Kyle. Playing hide and seek in the streets of the city against Stormtroopers and Imperial officers, Kyle managed to reach the ISO building. Entering a high security maze of corridors and gates, he reached the computer core and entered the card.


The ISO building

Meanwhile, Jan Ors was spotted and attacked by TIE Fighters. A distress call reached Kyle's comlink on his way back to the drop point and he ran to see what had happened. Jan was gone when Kyle returned, and instead found Boba Fett waiting for him, hired sometime earlier by Rom Mohc.

Although a challenging opponent, Katarn managed to disable Fett long enough to escape with Jan Ors in the Moldy Crow.



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