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Kyle: "There are several crates in that warehouse marked for Imperial delivery. I need you to break in and take one shipment."
Rianna: "You mean steal it. Sounds dangerous. I charge extra for hits against Black Sun."
Kyle: "Name your price. We'll pay half now, half when you deliver the goods."
Rianna: "You've got yourself a thief."
Kyle Katarn and Rianna Saren discuss the operation[src]

The Mission to Coruscant was a mission undertaken by Rianna Saren on behalf of the Rebel Alliance shortly before the Battle of Yavin.


After escaping from an Imperial scout group on Coruscant, a Twi'lek mercenary Rianna Saren was contacted by Kyle Katarn, who asked her to steal a shipment from a nearby Black Sun warehouse. Rianna agreed after Katarn offered her a big reward.


Saren infiltrated the warehouse, evading mines and electrical barriers and killing many Black Sun mercenaries. But she was soon ambushed and captured. However, a shot from her blaster accidentally activated an Arakyd Industries security droid Z-58-0, who vowed to rescue a Twi'lek. He freed her and returned her blaster. Rianna allowed Z-58-0 to "tag along" and nicknamed him Zeeo. Working together, they stole the shipment and escaped the warehouse only to be attacked by stormtroopers. After successfully evading them, Rianna and Zeeo met with Katarn who introduced them to Leia Organa. Leia offered Rianna a chance to double her reward if she agreed to investigate strange activity on Alderaan, where a Black Sun vigo commandeered a civilian vessel. Rianna and Zeeo soon departed for Alderaan.


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