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"I have to say, this sounds like the worst idea in a thousand generations of bad ideas."
Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's opinion of the mission during planning[src]

In 27 ABY, a mission to Coruscant was undertaken by a team of Jedi and members of Wraith Squadron.


Sensing a dark side presence on the currently Yuuzhan Vong-occupied planet Coruscant, Luke Skywalker helped organize a mission to Coruscant. At the time, the New Republic was interested in setting up resistance cells on Coruscant, and both missions were combined into one.

The missionEdit

Using the reinforced troop transport Record Time, the infiltration team of nine entered Coruscant via Individual atmospheric intrusion pods jettisoned from Record Time. With help from debris, their entry had the appearance of falling meteors, allowing them to enter undetected. While Record Time was destroyed, tricking the Yuuzhan Vong into thinking the threat was eliminated, the pilots Lando Calrissian and YVH 1-1A escaped via a two-seat B-wing/E starfighter.

Members of the infiltration team wore Vonduun crab armor, with some members wearing a synthetic version, and Ooglith masquers for disguise. Shortly after landing on Coruscant, the team encountered a Yuuzhan Vong patrol consisting of seven warriors. The disguises succeeded in their purpose, although the deception ended when Luke drew his lightsaber as a fight broke out between the two groups. After at least twenty more Yuuzhan Vong came out from hearing the shouts, the walkway was blown up by Kell Tainer via a bomb while infiltration team retreated. Only three Vong survived, which were dispatched by the team.

Soon after, the team encountered a group of survivors. From one survivor, Yassat, they learned about a 'Lord Nyax' that was terroizing Coruscant.

After some time scouting, they found a room in a building with a Devourer organism, which concealed a plug that activated a hidden turbolift. After entering the turbolift and almost being killed by its security system, the team enter into Lord Nyax's chamber, containing therein destroyed medical droids, a body, and dead ysalamir. Among the carnage were machines and a suspended animation unit.

After cleaning up the complex, the infiltration team made it their current residence, with it also showing promise for a resistance cell location. After cobbling together a medical droid, they discover the unit contained the Dark Jedi Lord Nyax.

While asleep, the Jedi members of the team were awoke by a Disturbance in the Force caused by Nyax. Awakening the rest of the team, they set out after him. Instead of finding Nyax, however, they find a group of slaughtered Yuuzhan Vong and two dead voxyn.

Later, after getting information out of maintenance machines, the team discovers that 'Lord Nyax' was the Dark Jedi Irek Ismaren. They also discover a lot of his backstory.

After discovering Coruscant survivors mindlessly working on excavating something, the team figures out Irek wants access to something. The team doesn't stay unnoticed, however, as a party of twenty Yuuzhan Vong warriors enters to fight Irek. Knowing they would need all help possible to bring him down, Luke, Mara, and Tahiri join in the fight.

During the battle, a massive construction droid brings the floor down. Irek flees, and the team follows him. Eventually they end up at a wall the construction droid is working on bringing down, with Irek waiting. Luke, Mara, and Tahiri engage him again. Unexpectedly during the battle, the construction droid brings down the wall, unleashing a Force nexus—what Irek was seeking.

Meanwhile, away from the battle, the Wraiths tracked down a ship using a locator they had taken from Viqi Shesh earlier. It was also decided that Baljos Arnjak would stay behind to set up the resistance cells instead of Bhindi Drayson, as the original plan called for.

After a fierce mental battle with Irek, Luke, Mara, and Tahiri head to the construction droid to get the survivors—no longer under the control of Irek—to flee the area. By now Coralskippers had arrived, and were attacking the construction droid. Amplified by the Nexus, the Jedi used the Force to hurl debris at the Coralskippers.

After catching up to Irek, Luke and Mara distracted him while Tahiri surprised him from behind. As he was overwhelmed, the roof they were on collapsed, taking Irek down inside.

Escaping, the Jedi got onboard the Ugly Truth, the ship the Wraiths found, with the rest of the team. As they left, two Mataloks attacked Irek, who in turn sent out tons of rubble to destroy them. He was unsuccessful, however, and soon killed from their firepower. With Irek dead and a member remaining to start up resistance cells, the team left Coruscant successful.


Baljos was able to continue furnishing the Republic with information up until the end of the war, including sightings of Yu'shaa.

Behind the scenesEdit

The planning of the 'Mission to Coruscant' and its first stages occur near the end of Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream, written by Aaron Allston and released in March of 2002. Most of the mission takes place in the Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand, the next book in the series. It was also written by Allston, and was released in May of 2002. The mission was later mentioned in The Unifying Force, written by James Luceno and released in November of 2003.


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