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The mission to the first Death Star was a short battle carried out by X2 in 0 BBY. Following instructions by General Rahm Kota, members of the young Rebel Alliance attacked the Imperial battle station. X2 freed the prisoners inside, tested the superlaser, and gathered valuable information that would later serve in the Battle of Yavin.


The founding members of the Rebel Alliance had formerly been imprisoned onboard the under-construction Death Star until they were rescued by Galen Marek, who died in the effort. Upon discovering the Death Star's recent location of construction, Despayre, a Rebel task force was sent to further investigate the Death Star, as well as rescue some captured Rebel soldiers. X2, a force-sensitive clone soldier from the Clone Wars, volunteered to lead the mission as soon as he learned about it, feeling indebted to both the Republic and the Jedi.


The space battleEdit

Upon arrival at the Death Star, the Rebels, led by X2, had to battle a Star Destroyer as well as several TIE fighters. After shooting down some TIEs and softening the defenses of the Star Destroyer, X2 was then commanded by Rahm Kota to infiltrate the Star Destroyer and hijack the orbital strike cannon to damage the Death Star by destroying its defensive laser turrets. Kota also felt that the Death Star's creation, although not knowing the full details, was not going to bode well for the Galaxy at large. As several of the rebels were holding off the Stormtroopers, X2 successfully hijacked and destroyed four of the defensive turrets, as well as disabled the hangar bay shield. X2 then proceeded to board the Death Star and infiltrate it.

Infiltrating the Death StarEdit

While fighting the Stormtroopers, X2 stumbled upon the command room, where X1 via holographic projection was reporting that the Tributary Laser was ready and about to be delivered. However, because the stormtroopers were fighting, the commander of the station wasn't able to respond to it. X2 and Kota realized he was still alive, but had no time to ponder it at the moment: Kota then had X2 test the Death Star's superlaser on the Star Destroyer that they infiltrated earlier to create a diversion. Upon seeing how it worked, Kota expressed shock that even in its incomplete state, the Death Star's superlaser contained far more power than could be imagined, and intended to report the findings to the high command. He then ordered X2 to rescue the prisoners. X2 then had to take out a few Red Guardsmen upon leaving the superlaser control area. He then rushed to the detention block and freed the prisoners. The prisoners thanked him, and told him that he would need to shut down the tractor beams if they were to escape the Death Star. X2 then went over to the tractor beam room and shut down one of the tractor beams. Afterwards, the Rebels escaped in two Sentinel-class landing craft, with Kota stating they needed to find a way to destroy the Death Star.


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