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"I have a bad feeling about this!"
―Wedge Antilles before he starts the mission[src]

During this mission to the planet Destrillion in the year 3 ABY, Wedge Antilles was assigned to pinpoint critical targets in an Imperial Tibanna Gas facility for a squad of Y-wings to bomb. Antilles flew through the tunnels leading to the facility and engaged a new Imperial starfighter squadron. He subsequently took out the fighters and discovered that there was in fact no facility.


Alliance Intelligence received information about an Imperial tibanna gas[1] installation conducting scientific weapons research in the Destrillion system.[3] General Crix Madine was given a task force, including the ace pilots of Rogue Squadron to destroy the installation.[1]

The battleEdit

"They've activated some sort of force field. I'm trapped!"
"Wedge, we can't reach you. You're on your own."
―Wedge Antilles and Crix Madine.[src]

Commander Wedge Antilles of Rogue Squadron flew an A-wing and was in command of a squad of BTL Y-wing starfighters toward the facility. General Crix Madine contacted him and informed him of his mission objectives. Antilles noticed the energy fields protecting the facility included a series of corridors and volunteered to fly through them. In the tunnel, Antilles encountered about two squadrons of TIE Hunters flying around a Tibanna gas platform. Antilles later relayed the presence of the squadron to Madine, and stated that he hadn't encountered them before, with Madine then deducing that they were most likely the Empire's new Hunter line of TIE fighters: The Hunters were a new TIE Series[1] designed to match the capabilities of the X-wings of the Rebel Alliance.[3] Madine contacted Antilles and warned him of the dangers the new TIEs posed. Force fields activated, blocking the corridors. Antilles subsequently engaged the Imperial fighters and was able to destroy them with the help of his A-wing's missiles. With the TIEs gone, the force fields deactivated. Antilles then contacted Madine, who ordered the pilot to continue into the second tunnel to locate the facility.[1]

Continuing to the end of the tunnels, Antilles discovered that there was no facility; there was just was a convoy of transports about to jump to hyperspace. Antilles contacted Madine with this fact, and Madine ordered him to return to the fleet. In truth, the battle was a diversion in order to lure a Rebel convoy near Dubrillion and destroy it using Dubrillion's superlaser.[1]
Concept RS3

Rebel Strike concept art of a floating, airborne installation.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Infiltrate the Empire's secret research facility. Locate vital targets, and transmit their coordinates to the Y-wing groups."
―Mission briefing for "Deception at Destrillion"[src]

This event was a mission appearing in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. In the Developer's Commentary, it was revealed there was to be an extended mission, but was cut out for time. It would have involved an infiltration of the facility via a walker, and calling Y-wings targeting sensitive areas. The player was originally tasked with destroying a floating installation. The A-wing is the default craft for the mission but it is possible to fly another craft in later run-throughs.

The mission, "Deception at Destrillion," contained a tech upgrade. However, it was not within the Destrillion level itself. It was, however, in the Dubrillion half of the mission.



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