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In 22 BBY a Jedi task force, composed by Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto, An'ya Kuro, Masters Tholme and T'ra Saa, was assigned to investigate Confederacy raids on Republic's supply ships near the Corellian Trade Spine.

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They discovered that the raiders' base was located on Devaron, due to Senator Elsah's help, who informed her old friend T'ra Saa of the raiders presence on the planet. Elsah was killed by Aurra Sing before she was able to reveal the name of traitor who was working alongside the Separatists. Aayla, Tholme, and the Dark Woman went to the planet surface while Kit and T'ra Saa stayed in orbit. Tholme's team disguised themselves as a rich twi'lek's daughter and her servants and stayed with the senator, Vien'sai'Malloc.

The Dark Woman and Tholme went seaching for the base, but fell into a trap set by Aurra Sing. The senator was proven to be a traitor, and told Aayla where the raider's base was. Aayla left to go look for it, but met Aurra Sing. Aurra used the two trapped Jedi masters as a trick to distract Aayla, but Secura defeated the former and sent her to prison on Oovo IV.




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