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The mission to Doan was undertaken by Darth Zannah in 980 BBY to investigate the recent assassination of Jedi Knight Medd Tandar. A short time previously, Dark Jedi Set Harth had traveled to Doan in search of some recently excavated Sith artifacts. After confronting the Rodian bartender Quano, he forced Quano to lead him to the miner who had dug up the artifacts, Draado. Harth then killed the other miners present before attacking Draado, killing him and taking the artifacts from him.

Zannah arrived soon after, and from asking several miners about Tandar she learned that someone else had previously been there asking the same questions. Zannah was still looking to take on an apprentice before she confronted her Master, Darth Bane, and so she decided to find this man and see if he could join her. She found Quano, and convinced him to take her to one of his contacts, Pommat, a smuggler who worked at a spaceport on Doan. From Pommat, she learned that the man who had previously come to Doan had since left for Nal Hutta. However, Pommat also detailed to her his smuggling business, in which he hacked into starships and concealed spice shipments in them, which would then be picked up by one of his contacts when it returned to its home port. When Zannah asked if he had concealed one such shipment on her shuttle, the Victory, he replied that he had not done so, as he did not yet have any contacts on Ciutric IV. Zannah hen instantly killed Pommat and Quano, as she could not allow anyone to know where she was from, as it would endanger the Sith Order.

Zannah then used several of her other contacts to find out that the man's name was Set Harth. She then tracked Harth to his mansion on Nal Hutta, where she confronted him and enlisted him as her apprentice.

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