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A mission took place on the planet of Dorlo during the Galactic Civil War.


A team of New Republic soldiers led by the exiled Jedi Qu Rahn landed on Dorlo to find the linguistics expert Nij Por Ral, who was working at an excavation site there. Having acquired him, they faced opposition from a force commanded by the Dark Jedi Jerec.

The battleEdit

Battle of Dorlo

The Vengeance over Dorlo.

The battle went in the Imperials' favor, and the Rebel presence was wiped out. Attempting to escape the planet, Qu Rahn's transport was caught and held in place by a tractor beam emanating from Jerec's flagship, Vengeance.

The Rebel corvette was boarded by an Imperial task force, after they had filled the living quarters with sleeping gas. The occupants were carried out on stretchers and taken to Jerec for interrogation. Their transport was used for target practice by the Vengeance's crew and blown up.

Interrogation and deathEdit

Rahn hit

Rahn paralyzed by a Force attack from Jerec.

The prisoners were brought to Vengeance's bridge, where Jerec and his Dark Jedi awaited them. Jerec questioned the party about the location of the mystical Valley of the Jedi.

With each refusal to cooperate, one member of Rahn's party was executed by Jerec's Dark Jedi underlings. In the end, the Jedi Master succumbed to Jerec's powers, and a hint of the pathway leading to the Valley was revealed.

In a final attempt to stop the dark-siders, Rahn stole one of their lightsabers and fought valiantly, until Jerec subdued and killed him.


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