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"Kidnapped from here? I thought this palace was supposed to be secure."
Han Solo[src]

In 4 ABY, New Republic pilots Tycho Celchu, Soontir Fel, and Han Solo undertook a mission to the planet Eiattu 6 to escort Winter, who was posing as Leia Organa while the real Organa was on a covert mission to Axxila to negotiate interim Galactic Emperor Sate Pestage's defection to the New Republic.

Upon arrival at Eiattu, the team was met by Princess Isplourrdacartha Estillo and Count Rial Pernon. After a ceremony, both Tycho and Winter were stunned by a commando team sent to take Leia prisoner. As the Rebels ponder how Winter and Tycho were kidnapped, the two were brought before Lionia Tavira, who was trying to create her own Warlordship. On Eiattu, Fel said he was on a secret Imperial mission and learnt from Count Arian Laabann that it was he who arranged Leonia's capture of Leia and Tycho.

The Rebels then headed for StarForge Station where they learnt from Rayt that "Leia" and Tycho were being held on Axxila.

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