The Mission to Felucia was a mission carried out by the Alderaanian Resistance in 17 BBY, to free Admiral Gilder Varth from a prison on Felucia.


Inquisitor Valin Draco wanted to expose Senator Bail Prestor Organa as a traitor to the Empire, by showing that he was affiliated with the Alderaanian Resistance. In order to do this, he conspired with Admiral Gilder Varth to have Varth express interest in joining the Resistance, so that he could infiltrate this. He then had Varth imprisoned on Felucia.

After helping out some Alderaanian agents on Sel Zonn Station, a team of heroes traveled to Alderaan at the personal request of Bail Organa. He recruited the team to his cause and sent them on a mission to Felucia, to free Varth. They traveled their aboard the Banshee, which was commanded by Captain Sirona Okeefe.

The missionEdit

On arrival in the Felucia system, the Banshee was attacked and shot down by a Victory-class Star Destroyer, causing it to crash land. The damage was extensive, but not irreparable, and Okeefe and his crew set about fixing the damage, while the team set off to make their way to the Imperial prison.

The team arrived at a village of native Jungle Felucians and was attacked by them. The fight was suddenly interrupted and stopped by Vazus Mandrake, a Human who had been living with the Felucians since the end of the Clone Wars. The Felucians had mistook the team for Imperials, but when they learned of their true aim, they agreed to help them and show them the location of the prison. Mandrake also gave them a number of explosives and begged the team to use them to destroy the prison, because horrific experiments were being carried out on the Felucians there. They were soon interrupted by a group of stormtroopers and scout troopers, who fled on their speeder bikes. The team pursued after them on some kybucks that were owned by Mandrake and they killed the Imperials.

They then made their way to the prison and were able to infiltrate it and free Varth, while confronting a lot of the guards along the way. They also succeeded in killing the prison's commander, Vischera, along with his mutated Felucian bodyguards.


The team made their way back to the Banshee, which was now operational again. Okeefe them flew it to the Zandrax System, where they rendezvoused with the Resistances brand-new Nebulon-B frigate, the Resurgence.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. These are referred to as "Imperial Comm Operators" in The Traitor's Gambit, but are said to be communications officers selected from the Imperial Army to serve specifically on Felucia. They are described to have the same appearance of army troopers, so can be assumed to be the same.

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