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"A trap! We're in Darth Vader's trap!"
Luke Skywalker[src]

The Mission to Fondor took place during the Yavin blockade. It was the first meeting between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.


After the Battle of Yavin, Admiral Amise Griff served for Darth Vader as an agent provocateur on Fondor, a role in which he proved successful. He infiltrated a cell of traitorous Imperial admirals with part in the Executor's construction, regularly reporting on them to Vader. The officers were not very sympathetically inclined towards the Rebels, but were growing jealous of Vader's unique position in the naval hierarchy. By feigning sympathy for their cause and organizing their operations successfully, Griff eventually became their leader.

Imperial admirals plot.

Then they decided to humiliate the Sith Lord by offering to the rebels the schematics of Vador's new weapon: the Executor. So they sent a drone craft to the rebels on Yavin 4 with this proposition. Although the rebels believed that was a trap, Luke Skywalker accepted to go to Fondor, with the aim of impressing Leia Organa.

The mission

When Luke Skywalker arrived in the Fondor system, Admiral Griff helped him to access the planet. Griff then met him and convinced Skywalker to sabotage the Executor, still posing as a Rebel sympathizer.

After some time, the admiral formed a new plan: to organize a meeting between Skywalker and the conspirators to incriminate them and set up a trap for the Rebel hero. Vader personally supervised the operation in Fondor's underground steam tubes and Skywalker felt his powerful dark presence through the Force. The Dark Lord was also very troubled, feeling the presence of his son for the first time. Although Griff's stormtroopers managed to arrest the traitors, the young Jedi escaped with the help of Tanith Shire who blinded the stormtroopers by liberating steam in the tunnels.


The two rebels left the system in a stolen drone barge, bringing the schematics with them. However, Darth Vader understood that Obi-Wan Kenobi had trained an apprentice and, according to him, that was more dangerous for the Empire than the loss of the plans.

Behind the scenes

Although it is represented on the cover of the 1992 reprint, Classic Star Wars 4, Luke Skywalker doesn't confront Darth Vader in a Lightsaber duel.



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