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"I'm rapidly losing the element of surprise. The closer I get to the Executor and the Arc Hammer, the more clearly I telegraph my movements. General Mohc is most certainly adding reinforcements to protect his investment. I can just imagine what's waiting for me on the Executor. Whoa Kyle. One mission at a time, one mission at a time."
―Kyle Katarn[src]

The Mission to Fuel Station Ergo was a skirmish in the Galactic Civil War in which Kyle Katarn raided the Imperial Fuel Station Ergo to board a smuggler ship headed for the Executor.

After Katarn translated the nava card in the Imperial Security Operations building, Jan Ors understood that only Executor knew the Arc Hammer's location at each given time. The Hammer was making leaps to hyperspace to keep its status secret. The only way to reach the factory was via the Executor, and the Super Star Destroyer was known to be supplied from Ergo.

Disguised as a smuggler, Katarn slipped into the Ergo orbital fuel station and proceeded to board the smuggler ship. Using an engine turbine in the center of the installation, he made his way to the docks. He boarded the smuggler ship and hijacked it. With the captured ship, he was able to board the Executor.

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