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This mission took place during the Galactic Civil War, as a group of Rebel operatives were dispatched to Gap Nine to sabotage an Ore facility.


The Galactic Empire ran an ore processing operation on Gap Nine, which was managed by Colonel Icus Traft. Traft would also raid temples on Gap Nine for valuable artifacts, rightfully belonging to the natives. Traft sold the artifacts he stole to art dealers and kept the profits.

The missionEdit

A group of Rebel operatives was dispatched to Gap Nine to sabotage the ore processing operation by planting explosives in a delivery of spare parts. While not originally planned as part of the mission, the Rebels also became entangled in the conflict between Traft and the natives of Gap Nine.


The initial attempt to sabotage the ore facility was foiled due to Traft's unexpectedly tight security measures. The Rebels were assaulted by six Imperial Army troopers armed with blaster pistols and grenades. Pinned down with no chance of winning the shootout, the Rebels had to hijack a droid-controlled skimmer. Protected from the troopers' laser fire by the compartment of the skimmer, the Rebels managed to pilot the skimmer out of the facility and crash through the barrier fence.

The Rebels escaped into the swamp, but had four scout troopers on their tail. In order to evade the speeder bike-riding troopers, the Rebels abandoned the skimmer and continued into the swamp on foot.

The Swamp SeerEdit

Having ventured deeper into the swamp, the Rebels came upon the ruins of an ancient temple. While exploring the temple, they encountered a native known as the Seer of the Temple, or The Swamp Seer, who first mistook them for Imperials. The Rebels convinced him that they were not Imperials, and he told them about Traft's looting of the ancient temples of Gap Nine. The Rebels also learned about the Battle of Gap Nine and a group who inhabited the planet centuries before their time.

The group heard the sound of speeder bikes and his in the temple. Two scout troopers emerged from the swamp and investigated the area. Failing to find the Rebels, they decided to inform Traft that they had found a new temple to raid. The Rebels and the Seer overheard this and knew that it was only a matter before a raiding party would arrive.

Defending the temple and completing the sabotage missionEdit

Sure enough, a raiding party of six Imperial Army Troopers and four scour troopers arrived. From an armored landspeeder equipped with a heavy laser cannon, Traft himself commanded the raiding party.

The Rebels managed to defend the temple from the Imperial raiders and make it back to the ore facility. Learning that the Imperials had not yet discovered the explosives in the shipment of spare parts, the Rebels set off the charges, finally completing their mission.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article assumes canonicity of successful completion of the adventure in which the mission appears. The adventure presents the player characters with the option of either defending the temple (which would entail failure of the original mission) or refusing the defend the temple in order to resume their mission (which would entail that the temple is raided). Alternatively, the article suggests that the players can split up and simultaneously defend the temple and resume their original mission.


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