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The Mission to Geonosis was a mission suggested by Rahm Kota to rescue a squad of rebels.


In the wake of the destruction of the Empire's manufacturing facility on Desolation Station, X2 learned from Kota of a Rebel Alliance unit that had been captured on the planet Geonosis. Kota told X2 to meet him on the planet, where the two would perform a surgical strike to rescue the captured Rebels.

The MissionEdit

Arriving to the planet after Master Kota, X2 encountered Boba Fett's ship Slave I in the midst of Geonosis's asteroid belt. Fett initially mistook X2 for Kota - whom he was pursuing due to an Imperial bounty - but the bounty hunter determined to make the most of his discovery by capturing the clone for use as a lure for the Jedi. Fett underestimated X2's piloting skills, however, and was quickly sent fleeing by his adversary.

Down on the planet's surface, X2 appropriated a speeder bike from the Imperials and raced to Kota's location in the Imperial facility. After joining up with his new master in the building's antechamber, the two proceeded together into the bowels of the facility, where they were forced to fight off intermittent harassment from stormtroopers as they navigated the building's treacherous catwalks. In spite of the opposition, the pair were able to free many of the trapped soldiers, who were reluctant to retreat from the building instead of joining to fight. Once all of the Rebels had been liberated, Kota and X2 joined them outside the facility, where the group's escape route was obstructed by a heavily fortified Imperial emplacement. On Master Kota's advice, X2 managed to destroy the Imperials' shield generators with heavy weaponry, allowing the party to safely reach their escape craft and depart the planet.


Following the mission, the freed Rebels declared their loyalty to X2, who reluctantly accepted command of this new squadron. At Kota's suggestion, X2 named the new unit after his genetic father, Falon Grey.


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